Home Remedies For Puffy Under Eyes

Puffiness under your eyes is a common problem that is faced by many, especially after a tired and stressful day and also due to lack of adequate sleep.

Puffy Under Eyes

It can also be due to pregnancy, hormone imbalance, stress, allergies, excessive sun exposure etc. There are many home remedies that can be used for treating puffy eyes. These remedies are very effective and safe and will give instant results as well.

Cures For Puffy Under Eyes

Cold Compress

Cold compress is one of the best ways to constrict the nerves around the eyes and reduce inflammation, thereby improving the appearance of swelling under your eyes. Cold compress can be done by rubbing an ice cube under your eyes for several minutes or using a cotton ball for soaking in cold water and applying under your eyes. A steel or iron spoon can also be placed in the freezer and the curved part pressed under your eyes for instant relief from puffiness under the eyes.

Cold Compress

Black Tea Bags

The tannin in tea bags have anti-inflammatory and astringent properties and hence great for treating puffy eyes. First, brew a tea with the tea bag and refrigerate the tea bag. Once it is cold, you can use the tea bag under your eyes. Leave it on for fifteen minutes and relax your eyes. This will help in removing the puffiness under your eyes easily.

Black Tea Bags


Potatoes have anti-inflammatory properties and help in reducing puffy eyes. For this, you may want to cool a potato before grating it and tying it in a cloth for application under your eyes. You can also use a potato slice on the puffiness under your eyes. Leave for 15 minutes and rinse off. This will take care of your puffy eyes.

Potato Slices


Cucumber is known to be a cooling vegetable and can help in constricting the swollen blood vessels under your eyes. Take a slice of cucumber and place it under each eye.

Leave it on for ten minutes and relax your eyes for another ten minutes. This will help in taking away the stress from the eyes and relieve your eyes from swelling, imparting brightness and energy to your eyes. Repeat every day to prevent puffiness under your eyes.


Aloe Vera

Another cooling gel that can be used for treating puffy eyes, Aloe gel can help treat puffy eyes effectively. Take some aloe gel and apply under your eyes. Leave it on and apply a fresh coat if necessary. Aloe is also an anti-inflammatory agent and helps in reducing the puffiness associated with lack of sleep and stress. You can apply aloe gel under your eyes before sleep in order to prevent puffiness under the eyes.

Aloe Vera Gel

Chamomile Teabag

This herbal tea bag can be placed under your eyes for treating puffy eyes. Take a used chamomile tea bag and apply on the puffy eyes. Cooling the tea bag will again give it a better action along with its anti-inflammatory properties. Chamomile is also good for soothing the eyes and hence a good remedy for relieving the tired eyes from stress.

Chamomile Tea Bags


Coriander water is used for treating a number of eye infections and also for reducing swelling and puffiness under the eyes. Take a handful of coriander and soak it in water for a few hours. Cool the water in the refrigerator and use this for washing the face and under eyes. The coriander seeds can be tied in a cotton cloth and cooled before applying on the eyes every day for a few minutes. This is an excellent remedy for treating puffy under eyes.

Coriander Seeds

Egg White

The toning action of egg white helps in removing under eye puffiness in a few minutes. Separate the egg white from an egg and cool it for some time. Beat the egg white so that it can be easily applied on the skin under the eyes. Leave it on until you can feel the pull of your skin when the egg white dries on your skin.

Egg white helps in improving the circulation and also reduces inflammation under the eyes, thereby reducing puffiness as well. Doing this on a daily basis will help in making your skin soft, smooth and free from wrinkles as well. Remember not to allow the egg white to remain under the eyes for more than fifteen minutes as this will cause the skin to sag due to excessive pulling.

Egg White

Rose Water

Rose water is a toning agent and also helps in reducing the swelling and puffiness under the eyes. Prepare rose water by adding a handful of rose petals into a cup of boiling water. Steep for fifteen minutes. Add a few drops of rose oil and bottle the contents for further use. You can store this is the refrigerator and use this for application under the eyes every day morning or whenever necessary. Rosewater tones the skin under the eyes and prevents under eye puffiness.

Rose Water

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Ice-Cold milk

Milk is a natural astringent and can help in reducing under eye puffiness and brightens the eyes as well. Take ice cold milk and soak a cotton ball into it.

This can be applied on and under the eyes while you relax and lie down for a few minutes. Cold milk will soothe and moisturize the skin around your eyes and will also help in reducing the inflammation and swelling under your eyes.


Mineral Water

Application of cold mineral water under the eyes is another way to keep the swelling under control and also to constrict the nerves around the eyes which is the main cause of puffy eyes. Early morning, you can splash cold mineral water around your eyes to reduce eye puffiness in an instant. This is also a way to brighten up your eyes.


Green Tea

Green tea bags can be cooled and applied under your eyes for relief from inflammation and stress. Taking 2- 3 cups of green tea every day will also help in preventing stress, which too can cause under eye puffiness.

Green Tea

Caution: Please use Home Remedies after Proper Research and Guidance. You accept that you are following any advice at your own risk and will properly research or consult healthcare professional.