5 Natural Cure To Hemorrhoids

Hemorrhoids are masses or clusters of tissue that are full of blood vessels and are situated within the anal canal. The surrounding supporting tissues consist of muscle and elastic fibres. The anus is the opening of the canal and the stool passes through the rectum and out of the anus.


Everyone has hemorrhoids, but it is only when they become large, they cause problems and become a disease. The blood vessels in the anal cushions swell and the supporting tissues too become enlarged. This swollen mass of tissues and blood vessels bulges and protrudes into the anal canal.

If the hemorrhoids appear on the rectal side they are known as internal hemorrhoids and if they occur on or near the anus they are known as external hemorrhoids. Constipation and straining a lot during bowel movement are the main causes for hemorrhoids. They can cause rectal bleeding, excruciating pain when passing stool and blood clotting.

Natural Ways to Cure Hemorrhoids


Wheatgrass has a number of healing and curative properties which are very beneficial in the treatment of a number of diseases and disorders. It is extremely high in essential vitamins and minerals which aid digestion and make the body strong and healthy. It eliminates constipation and maintains a regular and smooth bowel movement.

It removes all the harmful free radicals from the body and detoxifies it. Blend a handful of fresh wheatgrass in a mixer with some water. Strain the mixture to extract the juice. Drink one glass of this juice every morning on a regular basis. The hemorrhoids will shrink to their normal size pretty soon.

wheatgrass juice


Spinach is a storehouse of nutrients that aid digestion and keep the digestive system clean and healthy. It is very mild and has soothing qualities which aid the swollen hemorrhoids in losing their irritability and inflammation.

It is also rich in fibre which provides bulk to the waste matter and helps it to be evacuated easily and thoroughly. Take a cup of fresh tender leaves of spinach and blend them with a little water in a mixer. Strain the juice and drink two glasses of it everyday to find relief from hemorrhoids.



Radish is very beneficial in the treatment of hemorrhoids. It is rich in essential nutrients and has great capabilities in soothing and contracting the enlarged hemorrhoids. Its antioxidant properties detoxify the body and reduce swelling and pain. Extract half a cup of radish juice by squeezing grated radish and mix a teaspoon of honey with it before drinking. Drink twice daily to cure hemorrhoids.

raddish juice

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Roast some sesame seeds and grind them to a fine powder. Swallow one tablespoon of it with some sweetened warm milk every morning.

The hemorrhoids will be tremendously soothed and the swelling will subside. The bleeding will also stop bringing much relief in the pain. The bowel movement will be painless and straining will not be necessary any more.



Raisins are rich in fibre and have antioxidant and detoxifying properties which are very beneficial in hemorrhoids. They provide the necessary nourishment to the digestive tract and keep it strong and healthy. They enhance the immune system and eliminate constipation by regulating the bowel movement. Soak twelve raisins in some water overnight. In the morning drink the water and eat the raisins. Do this on a regular basis.


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