11 Home Remedies Of Bleeding Hemorrhoids

Hemorrhoids become a real problem when it turns out to be a pathological condition where surgery and other treatments become mandatory to prevent further damage to the anal lining. Mild hemorrhoids that are bleeding can be easily controlled at home and the anal lining repaired without any medical intervention. But, in severe cases where the flesh is protruding and you find it really difficult to pass motion, medical intervention become imperative.

Home Remedies Of Bleeding Hemorrhoids

1. Epsom Salt

Epsom salt can be used as a healing agent and anti inflammatory solution for treating bleeding hemorrhoids and also to prevent further bleeding, irritation and itching. It acts as a mild cleaning agent as well. Take half a cup of Epsom salt and add this to a sitz bath filled with warm water. Sit for fifteen minutes and repeat as often as needed. This is a great remedy for treating bleeding hemorrhoids. Epsom salt will dry the inflamed vein and the bleeding will stop.

2. Witch Hazel

Witch hazel can help deal with inflammation and also bleeding. A cotton ball can be soaked in witch hazel and used for application on the area. Do this 3 to 4 times a day and up to a week. Using witch hazel helps in cleaning the area as well after bowel movement. Due to its astringent properties, it is also  a great pain reliever.

3. Aloe Vera

When there is a bleeding hemorrhoid, the area literally burns and you just want to use something that will relieve you of the pain and the burning. Aloe Vera is an excellent cooling agent that can immediately put the burning and pain at rest and also control the itching that could become worse after passing stools.

Aloe also helps in destroying bacteria and preventing germs from entering the open wound. Aloe acts like a natural band-aid that helps the anal tissues to heal and regenerate after a hemorrhoid attack. Apply fresh and organic aloe gum on the affected spot and allow it to remain there until the bleeding stops and the hemorrhoid is healed. Apply aloe gum frequently to aid in complete relief from hemorrhoids and bleeding.

4. Tea Bag

Tea bags have tannic acid that can shrink the swollen blood vessels and stop bleeding related to hemorrhoids. Take a used tea bag and apply on the anal region. Press gently and leave it on. Replace with fresh tea bags and leave it for at least fifteen minutes at a time for best results.

5. Chamomile

With its soothing and inflammation reducing actions, chamomile is a wonderful home remedy for treating bleeding hemorrhoids. Chamomile oil can be applied on the hemorrhoid directly for relief from inflammation and bleeding. Chamomile tea can be used for rinsing the area, especially after bowel movements when the wound and bleeding could be particularly severe. Chamomile tea bags too can be used as a poultice for pressing on the hemorrhoid so that the inflamed nerves are encouraged to shrink.

6. Green Tea

Another simple remedy off your home is green tea which too has anti inflammatory properties and help in treating hemorrhoids that bleed. Use warm green tea for washing the area frequently, especially after passing motions. This will be effective protection against bacteria and resultant infections. Apply green tea bags for reducing inflammation as well. The antioxidant properties of green tea reduce the damage caused on the walls of the anus and heal the skin as well with diligent application.

7. Calendula

A skin soothing herb that prevents inflammatory responses too, calendula is great for also controlling pain, intense itching and swelling which will also stop the bleeding. Take calendula cream or ointment and apply on the inflamed skin. This will immediately sooth the skin and stop the burning and pain. Calendula can be applied as often as needed for the wound to heal and also as a prevention method so that the anal skin is well protected and moisturized.

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8. Garlic

Though garlic can cause a stinging sensation when applied, it is an excellent way to stay away from secondary infections and also reduce the inflammation and bleeding within minutes of application. Take some garlic and extract the juice out of it. This juice can be applied on the hemorrhoid to encourage healing and increase blood circulation to the area.

This is also a good way to stop itching as the burning and stinging actually takes your attention from the itching. Garlic oil too can be used for application. An infusion can be prepared from garlic by adding a few crushed cloves of garlic to a cup of boiled water. Steep for fifteen minutes. This can be taken internally as well as used for rinsing the anal area several times.

9. Turmeric

The curcumin that is present in turmeric destroys bacteria, stops infections, acts as a healing agent, reduces inflammation and also stops bleeding when a thick coat is applied on the region. Make a paste of turmeric powder with water and apply on the anal region. Allow it to air dry as this will help in stopping the bleeding as well. Apply as often as needed for reviving the skin and also to prevent further attacks.

10. Potatoes

The power of potatoes to remove excess fluid form the skin surface acts as a boon when you have bleeding hemorrhoids. Potato paste will help in drying the area fast and this will help in stopping the bleeding and healing the wound as well.Grate potatoes to make a smooth paste. Apply on the anal area and wait until it turns dry. This can be done all throughout the day for fast relief.

11. Ice cubes

The cooling properties of ice can reduce inflammation and constrict the blood vessels, thereby helping to stop the bleeding and also pain and inflammation of hemorrhoids. Take an ice cube and rub over the anal region. This is helpful in controlling the itching a well as burning, as the area will be numbed with the application of ice and the patient will feel much relieved as well. If applying ice directly is inconvenient, you can cover it in a gauze or soft and thin cotton cloth and apply on the anal area.

Caution: Please use Home Remedies after Proper Research and Guidance. You accept that you are following any advice at your own risk and will properly research or consult healthcare professional.