6 Effective Herbal Remedies For Multiple Myeloma

Multiple MyelomaMultiple myeloma – the name conjures up images of a dreaded disease, but do not lose hope. Multiple myeloma may be incurable, but the symptoms are highly treatable. The malady results from malignancy of the plasma cells, a kind of white blood cells.

Due to malignancy the plasma cells go on multiplying at abnormal rates and invades the bone marrow. This hinders the normal process of formation of blood.The most common symptoms of multiple myeloma are bone lesions, bone pain and anemia. In chronic cases there may also be renal failure. You cannot be cured of the disease, but the symptoms can be alleviated. There are medicines that can help you get over the symptoms.

Nevertheless, you can avoid these toxic drugs and yet treat multiple myeloma. There are a lot of herbs that can work as effectively as drugs. You can also take these drugs along with drugs. Let us look at some of the useful herbs for multiple myeloma.

Herbal Remedies For Multiple Myeloma


Caynne Pepper

In scientific experiments it has been seen that capasaicin present in caynne pepper inhibits the onset of multiple myeloma. It also helps the prevalent medicines against multiple myeloma to fight the disease better. You can take caynne pepper regularly with your meal and breakfast. This will help the prescribed drugs to fight the menace.

Thunder Of God Vine

In a scientific experiment, celastrola, a constituent of thunder of god vine has been extracted from its root and applied on patients suffering from multiple myeloma. It has been seen that it prevents the formation of multiple myeloma cells.

Moreover, some of these cells were immune to some usual multiple myeloma drugs such as bortezomib. Not only that it has been seen that this extract has enhanced the efficacy of certain drugs such as thalidomide. So take extracts of this herb regularly to fight multiple myeloma.


Turmeric contains curcumin which has been found to have a sensitizing action on multiple myeloma tumors about the prevalent chemotherapy agents against multiple myeloma such as paclitaxel.


You can take turmeric with your meals. You can also take turmeric powder along with some honey to sweeten it. With regular use you will see that the severity of the symptoms have come down.



In multiple myeloma a portion of the white blood cells are afflicted with cancer. This attacks the normal and healthy white blood cells too. It has been seen that astragalus helps in restoring the normal count of white blood cells. So take astragalus extracts every day.



It has been found that this herb abates the action of lentinan, a drug that activates the natural killer cells. This leads to a surge of killer cells on the malignant cells. Ginseng also stimulates the production of B cells. You can take ginseng extract even if you are not taking lentinan. You need to mix it in one fourth cup of water.

Goldenseal And Echinacea

Goldenseal is an antibacterial agent and Echinacea is a stimulant for the immune system. You need both these herbs to fight off any likely infection as you are susceptible to infections during this time. So take extracts of both these herbs regularly to fight off infections.

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