16 Beneficial Home Remedies For Vertigo

Have you ever experienced some dizzy feeling accompanied by nausea? Were the things floating before your eyes even if you were stationery? Did you find difficult to stand steadily at that time and felt as if you would fall in a moment?


If that was so, you were under the effect of vertigo, a common scientific term used for such a situation. Vertigo is mainly the result of disturbance in inner ear’s vestibule canals. A number of causes can be attributed to it, viz, dehydration, anemia, diabetes, and abnormalities of brain. The problem is completely curable and there is something you can do at home in order to bring the problem under control.

Let’s Have A Peek Into Some Of These Remedies:

Balance Your Vision:

Try this balance exercise at home whenever you experience the dizziness; focus your eyes on a single point so that brain waves are able to grasp the difference between stationery and moving objects around you. This balance exercise helps in overcoming vertigo within short span of time.

balance your vision

Repetitive Exercises:

Vestibular Rehabilitation Therapy is a type of repetitive exercise that aims at correcting the anomalies created by disorder and asymmetry of vision. These physical exercises help in adaptation of vestibular canals to several head movements and help them to either stimulate them or restrain them.

They are helpful in regaining a stabilized gaze and adequate control over body postures. The vertigo patients are made to sit and lie down repetitively. The therapy is beneficial in training brain to differentiate between the situations of balance and imbalance.


Rely On Message Therapy:

Massaging your sternocleidomastoid muscle can bring vertigo under control if it is caused by tension or overwork. This muscle is situated in front of neck and massaging it with oil makes the dizziness go in no time.


Ginger Intake:

Used by Chinese sailors from a long time, ginger is a useful reedy for vertigo patients. Dizziness is caused by the obstructed blood flow to brain and ginger helps by thinning blood which helps in increase flow. Those suffering from motion sickness find this herb quiet effective.

Whenever have that giddy feeling, just take in some powdered ginger. You can take as much as 1500 mg at a time. If eating it directly is what you don’t want to do, just add the grated ginger to boiling water and keep it for some time. This solution can be taken as and when needed. Another having about 5 glasses of ginger ale is also beneficial.


Ginkgo Biloba:

Another home remedy that can bring instantaneous relief from vertigo is ginkgo biloba. Like ginger, it also promotes blood flow to brain, thus loosening out the blackened arteries and helping you get rid of your problem.

ginkgo biloba

Lemon And Black Pepper:

Make a solution of lemon and black pepper; add a pinch of salt in it. The solution is quiet handy and can be taken regularly.

lemon and black pepper

Increase Vitamin Intake:

A diet rich in vitamins helps in curing vertigo. Vitamin B12 helps by aiding in production o RBCs and increases the blood flow to brain nerves. Vitamin D, a precursor of calcium, also helps in vertigo by minimizing dizziness caused by low bone density.

Another vitamin that controls nerve cells is B6; it regulates transmission of signal to brain by producing neurotransmitters. Vitamin C helps by minimizing the production of free radicals; being an excellent antioxidant, this vitamin ensures regulated supply of blood to brain. Take it on regular basis and feel the change.


Almond And Watermelon Paste:

Try this one…Add watermelon seeds and almonds in equal quantity; add some poppy seeds and some wheat to it. Make the paste by adding water. Keep the mixture for a night; next day, add a few cloves (preferably fried). Pour a cup of milk over the paste. You will be relieved of your problem within a week. Instead of watermelon seeds, you can also use seeds of pumpkin if available easily.

Almond And Watermelon Paste

Amla And Coriander Mix:

Another easy way to get rid of the problem is to drink the mixture made from seeds of coriander and amla juice. It would be beneficial if the mixture is kept overnight. In order to make it taste better, you can add sugar to it.

Amla and Coriander Mix


The simplest way is to drink 8-10 glasses of water daily; this is particularly useful in summers. Cold water is more effective in vertigo.

drink water

Cut Caffeine:

Having several cups of tea or coffee in a day can worsen your situation; these caffeine containing substances constrict blood vessel, thereby blocking the free flow of blood to arteries and veins of brain. This can aggravate your problem. Also try to minimize your alcohol consumption.

cut caffeine


A simple change in diet can work wonders for you. Increase the intake of fresh vegetables and fruits in your diet; avoid packaged foods, especially those containing monosodium glutamate as this amino acid over stimulates nerve cells of brain and thus causing imbalance of vision.


Herbal Supplements:

Go for chaparral tea and butcher’s broom. Extracts from dandelion are also advantageous.

herbal supplements

Stress Management:

Avoid becoming the slave of stress; try to minimize it by some breathing exercises and relaxation therapies. Most of these exercises can be easily done at home. Too much stress plays havoc with life and makes you susceptible to vertigo.

manage stress

Avoid Aspartame:

This chemical interferes with the proper functioning of CNS (Central Nervous System) and impairs brain functioning if taken in large quantities. Vertigo patients must avoid it totally.

avoid aspartame

Avoid Vigorous Body Movements:

Don’t move your body or head too violently as it can trigger the symptoms of vertigo. Move slow pace and avoid any jerks. A Healthy lifestyle, a well-balanced diet and regular exercises can help you overcome the problem.

avoid movements

Caution: Please use Home Remedies after Proper Research and Guidance. You accept that you are following any advice at your own risk and will properly research or consult healthcare professional.