15 Health Benefits Of Black Salt

Health Benefits Of Black Salt

According to scientific researches common salt or white salt causes paralysis, high bloosodium itiumssure, thyroid problem and impotency problems. But black salt is the best alternative which has so many good properties.

Mainly we use black salt in chat masalas and garnishing on salads and snacks. It is a volcanic stone salt. As it contains iron and other minerals, its colour is pinkish. Black salt has a lot of health benefits.

Some Of Them Are As Follows:

1. Improves Digestion:

Due to its cooling nature it is used as a digestive aid in ayurvedic medicines to decrease internal gas problem and heart burn. It improves digestion without causing stomach irritation.

Improves Digestion

2. Improves Eye Sight :

It improves eye sight because it doesn’t increase the sodium content of blood like iodized salt. But taking it in excess amount causes weak digestion.

Improves Eye Sight

3. Good For Hair :

As black salt contains many minerals, it helps in strengthening and increasing natural hair growth.

Good For Hair

4. Good For Joint Pains:

Black salt is useful for treating joint pains. Putting a cup of salt in a cloth and tie it. Then heat it and apply this to the affected joint according to tolerance of the skin.

Good For Joint Pains

5. Takes Care Of Skin:

It i s good for skin. Mix black salt in water to take bath. Because this salt bath will work as a healing agent. By this process dead cells of the skin are removed without drying the skin.

Takes Care Of Skin

6. Reduces Obesity:

Black salt is used in anti obesity products. Black salt contains lesser quantity of sodium than white salt which helps in decreasing weight.

Reduces Obesity

7. Therapeutic Use:

Ancient Ayurveda in India says inhaling of salt cleanses nose and throat areas. Black salt is used for this purpose. Inhaling of black salt is very effective in common cold to serious cases of sinus, asthma, allergies and high fever.

8. Reduces Cholesterol:

Black salt is used to reduce cholesterol. Due to its low content of sodium it is good for high cholesterol patients.

Reduces Cholesterol

9. Reduces Blood Pressure:

Black salt can be used to reduce blood pressure.

Reduces Blood Pressure

10. Good For Heart Patients:

Black salt can regulate the irregularities of heartbeat. Thus black salt is useful for treating heart attacks.

Good For Heart Patients

11. Good For Osteoporosis Patients:

In osteoporosis it can also be used. Because during osteoporosis body draws sodium from bones and at the same time if black salt is given moderately, it will strengthen the bones.

Good For Osteoporosis Patients

12. Reduces Diabetes:

For diabetic patients black salt can be used to maintain proper sugar level. Insulin taking patients should take black salt to reduce insulin quantity.

Reduces Diabetes

13. Makes Teeth White:

Black salt has another property of making teeth white if we rub it on the teeth.

Makes Teeth White

14. Good For Anemia Patients :

Anemia patients can take it, because it contains natural minerals.


15. Makes Salads And Snacks Tasty And Healthy:

It is needed extensively in Indian foods including chutneys, , pickles, salads, snacks etc. It makes the dishes tasty and healthy and by this anybody can eat it.

Makes Salads And Snacks Tasty And Healthy

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