11 Home Remedies For Swollen Eyes


Swelling in the eyes or eyelids can be due to many reasons. As the eyelids are full of tiny blood vessels, this area is extremely sensitive and can swell up even with a little irritation of lack of sleep. Allergies too can cause swelling and pain in the eyelids.

There are several home remedies that can be used for treating a swollen eye effectively. These remedies are safe and can be used without any fear of side effects. However, persistent eye swelling may be due to an internal problem and requires immediate medical attention.

11 Tips To Cure Swollen Eyes Naturally

1. Water

Sometimes, dehydration too can be the cause of swollen eyes and in such cases, the body tries to store water in the eyelids as well, which causes puffiness. In such cases, drink plenty of water to reduce the puffiness and encourage urination.Drinking at least eight glasses of water is recommended every day for preventing further eye puffiness and water retention around the eyes. It is also important to avoid salty foods at this time as it will cause more eye puffiness. Avoiding alcohol too is recommended as it can cause more dehydration and aggravate eye infection.

Drink Plenty of Fluid

2. Cucumber

Cucumber helps in immediately hydrating the eyes and reduces eye swelling. It is also rich in nutrients and helps in nourishing the skin around the eyes and getting rid of dark circles under the eyes. Take a cucumber and slice it into a thin circle. Cool the slices by placing them in the refrigerator.Place one on each eye and leave it on for fifteen minutes. Cooling the cucumber slices work well on the irritated blood vessels and constrict them, thereby reducing the swelling. The Vitamin C and caffeic acid in the cucumber also reduces swelling and skin irritation.


3. Cold Compress

A simple remedy that is practiced for all kinds of swellings on the body. Take some ice cubes and wrap it in a thin cotton cloth. This can be applied on the swollen area for fifteen minutes each session to relieve the swelling and constrict the blood vessels around the eyes. Continue three to four times a day for complete relief. Sprinkling cold water on your eyes too can help constrict the swollen blood vessels and offer relief.

Cold Compress

4. Coriander

Coriander has many cooling and medicinal properties and hence great for treating eye ailments and also swelling. Take some coriander seeds and tie it a thin cotton cloth. Soak them in water. Leave it for a few hours. This water can be used for rinsing the eyes. The coriander bag can be applied on the eyelids for 15-20 minutes each session to reduce the burning sensation and pain and also to bring down the swelling. Repeat as often as needed.


5. Black Tea Bags

Black tea bags are great for reducing puffy eyes and swelling in the eyes. The tannin in the tea bags have anti inflammatory properties and hence great for swollen eyes. Take tea bags and boil in a cup of water. The tea bags can be placed in the refrigerator before use. This will increase its efficiency and also give relief to tired and lifeless eyes. Teabags are also great for brightening up the eyes instantly. Leave the teabags for at least fifteen minutes each session for best effect.

Black Tea Bags

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6. Chamomile Tea

Being a herbal tea, chamomile has better anti inflammatory properties. Chamomile is also soothing and relaxing to the body and hence a great option for relieving the eye irritation and swelling as well. Take a tablespoon of dried chamomile and add to a glass of boiling water. Steep for ten minutes. Drink the tea and keep the tea bag or used powder in the refrigerator for cooling. This can be later applied on the swollen eyes for relief from inflammation. Chamomile tea can be taken 2-3 times a day for relaxation and soothing and the tea bags used for external relief.

Chamomile Tea

7. Eye Mask

If you have persistent swelling in the eyes every day morning, an eye mask can come of help. Eye mask can be used for treating swelling on the eyelids. Sometimes, swelling is the result of constant fluttering of the eyelids while you sleep at night. This will lead to the irritation of the blood vessels around the skin and resultant swelling. Using an eye mask can help in reducing the fluttering movement and prevent swollen eyes in the morning.

Eye Mask

8. Aloe Vera

Aloe vera has many anti inflammatory and healing properties and can be used for treating swelling in the eyes. Extract aloe gel from the aloe plant and mix it with some vitamin E oil and apply on the swollen area. This can be left overnight as well for best results.  Aloe and vitamin E will not only treat your swelling, but also your wrinkles and infections on the skin and eyes. Repeat until the swelling subsides completely.

9. Potatoes

Rich in B vitamins, potatoes are great for treating swelling and inflammations. Take a small potato and cut a thin slice. Place it on the swollen eyes and leave it for fifteen minutes for its action to take place. Potatoes help by shrinking the inflamed skin by absorbing the excess water. The slices can be cooled as well before application in order to increase its effect. Repeat 4-5 times a day until the inflammation is completely gone.

10. Turmeric

Highly anti inflammatory and anti bacterial in nature, turmeric can also bring down inflammation in an instant and relieve skin irritation and burning. Take some freshly ground turmeric powder and add it along with some water, rose water or aloe gel. Apply on the affected area and leave it on. Reapply every few hours and apply overnight as well. This will relieve the inflammation completely.

11. Witch Hazel

Tea bags of witch hazel too are anti inflammatory in nature and can be applied on the swollen eyes after brewing a tea and cooling the tea bag. Repeat several times a day for complete relief form swelling. Remember to take swollen eyes seriously and if the symptoms are persistent, it is best to seek medical aid to rule out internal problems.

Caution: Please use Home Remedies after Proper Research and Guidance. You accept that you are following any advice at your own risk and will properly research or consult healthcare professional.