10 Herbal Remedies For Cough

Herbal Remedies For Cough

Cough occurs when there is irritation in the lining of throat. Irritation starts when infection happens due to various causes such as too much cold weather, too much sweating because of hot atmosphere, allergy to some foods, dusty air and many more things. The inner linings of throat are very sensitive. Because of coughing, pain may create there. Coughing creates an embarrassing situation and when the problem aggravates, sometimes it spoils our night sleep and daily routine. So you should take proper care of your throat when you are attacked by cough.

There are various medicines available in the market which cure cough, but most of those medicines contain a good amount of alcohol which make us sleepy and hampers our normal life. For this reason herbal or natural remedies are best to cure cough. This article will give you few tips on herbal remedies for cough.

10 Herbal Remedies For Cough

1. Basil Leaves And Honey

Basil leaf is a good natural product to cure cough. It has an antibacterial property and successfully cures cough if it is due to any infection. Take some fresh basil leaves and crush them to extract the juice. Take a teaspoon of this juice and drink it slowly.

Drink it regularly at empty stomach in the morning and you will soon get rid of cough naturally. Honey is a natural expectorant and it cures cough naturally and very quickly. Take a tablespoon of honey and lick it slowly because you may feel hot in your throat when it passes through the throat. To enhance the power of basil juice mix a teaspoon honey with a teaspoon basil juice and have it in the morning. Practice this method regularly and get relief from cough.

2. Garlic

Garlic does wonder in curing cough. Mince few garlic cloves and mix it in water. Chop 2-3 laves of cabbage or spinach and add it. Boil it and drink it hot.  Sprinkle black pepper powder on your soup. You will get relief in cough.

Use garlic in cooking and all types of food. You will get an instant result in cough and cough related breathing trouble if you can chew a clove of raw garlic everyday in the time of taking meal. Raw garlic may emit pungent smell and create bad odor inside your mouth.

To avoid it drink ½ cup plain milk after chewing the garlic. You can eat garlic in different way. Take 3-4 cloves of garlic and grind it into smooth paste. Mix a tablespoon mustard oil in it. Then take 3-4 tablespoons of steamed rice and mix it with it. Eat it hot. You will get instant relief.

3. Black Cumin Seed

Black cumin seed is very effective for cough and cures body ache which is accompanied with cough. It also removes mucus from throat. You can use cumin seeds in different way. Use cumin in different food. There is a good and tasty use of cumin which not only cures cough but also cures aversion to food which is one of the results of cough.

To make it pour a tablespoon of mustard oil in the pot. Make it hot. Add one teaspoon cumin seed, a red chilly(seedless), 3-4 black pepper seeds, 2-3 cloves of garlic and 2-3 tablespoon finely chopped spinach. Fry them on high heat and grind them into smooth paste. Again fry the paste in another teaspoon hot mustard oil. Eat the paste mixing with steamed rice.

4. Lemon And Other Fruit Juice

Lemon juice is very good for cough. Lemon juice contains a great amount of vitamin C which prevents and cures cough very effectively. Squeeze one lemon in a glass of warm water and drink it. Drink it regularly to keep cough at bay. But if you have acute cough, take a tablespoon of lemon juice and mix a teaspoon of honey with it. You may or may not mix little amount of water with it. Drink it to get a quick relief from cough. Juices of other citrus fruits like orange, grapes, pineapple, etc. are good for cough. Drink a glass of this Fruit juice everyday to get rid of cough.

5. Special Mixture

Make a special mixture to counter acute cough. On a bowl roast a bay leaf, 2-3 seeds of black pepper, and ginger. Add rock salt and sugar candy in it. Grind whole thing into fine powder. Take this powder 2-3 times a day amount 1 teaspoon each time. You will be benefited soon.

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6. Ginger

Ginger does wonder in the treatment of cough. Take a piece of fresh ginger. Wash it well and peel them. Cut them very finely and mix salt with it. Keep 2-3 pieces of ginger in your mouth when you are coughing. You can crush fresh ginger and extract the juice. Mix honey with it and lick it to get an instant relief from cough.

7. Aniseed

Aniseed is an effective natural medicine in dry cough. Take a teaspoon of aniseed and few sugar candies in a glass of water. Next morning strain the water and drink it. It helps to keep your bowel clear, keep your stomach cool and cures dry cough very quickly.

8. Tea

Tea is a good product in cough. You can make tea in different way take a cup of water. Boil it and add 2-3 tablespoons of milk in it. Soak some tealeaves in it keeping the lid on. After 5 minutes strain the tea and add a teaspoon of ginger juice and a teaspoon of sugar.

Drink this type of tea every morning in monsoon time to cure your chronic cough.  When it is dry and hot weather prepare tea in different way. Boil a cup of water. Soak a teaspoon of tea leaves in water keeping the lid on. Wait for 2-3 minutes. Strain the tea. Add lemon juice and honey in it. Mix well and drink it hot. Instead of honey you may also mix some sugar candy. Drink it regularly to get relief from cough.

9. Clove

Clove is a good medicine in constant cough. Take one or two cloves and keep it inside your mouth when you are coughing. Give slight pressure with your teeth and extract the clove juice. It is very hot to taste. Practice this method daily to get rid of cough.

10. Green Coconut Water

Drink green coconut water daily and you will soon get rid of cough. Instead of coconut, drink plain normal water daily to get relief from cough.So there is nothing to worry. There are various herbal remedies for cough. Practice them religiously and get the benefit.

Caution: Please use Home Remedies after Proper Research and Guidance. You accept that you are following any advice at your own risk and will properly research or consult healthcare professional.