6 Ways To Treat A Cough

Ways To Treat A Cough

Amidst many problems and health ailments, coughing may not cause deterioration towards the health but may affect the normal and a routine working of the organs. Coughing is very normal and is faced by people of all ages. The infection and swelling caused in the cells which form the boundary of the respiratory tract, gives rise to coughing. The sneezing even might take due to swelling and the infection in the tubes of bronchioles. The cells which secrete phlegm tend to give out excess phlegm causes discomfort and uneasiness in the passage of lungs. Through coughing a good amount of mucus is given out.


Coughing can be due to many other reasons such as outcomes due to allergy like dust, inhaling tobacco etc. A cough tends to take place when an individual feels irritated towards the throat and want to get away with such irritation. Coughing can take place due to many reasons such as flu, asthma or any other health ailments etc. The signals which warn an individual about this problem are grief in the chest, uneasiness in the throat, etc. Cough can be of two types, being dry the first one and phlegm being the second one. There are various ways either simple or safe through which the coughing problems can be dealt upon and to clear the congestion towards the chest there are various cures. In the daily activities it is not possible to take outside therapies so natural cures are very beneficial and without much time, expense and effort one can bank upon such remedies.

Various Ways To Treat A Cough

Warm Milk

Hot milk is highly effective during a cough and cold and it helps an individual to recover from the dry cough as soon as possible. Few drops of the sweetener commonly known as honey when put in the hot milk serves as a medicine for this problem. The honey which is very soothing in its properties help in minimizing the pain towards the chest which an individual might go through while coughing.

Warm Milk

To get faster and effective results the mixture of milk and the sweetener should be consumed before a sleep. To derive the painkiller properties of honey, only honey can be consumed vacant stomach. The consumption of plain sweetener helps in clearing phlegm and provides a smoothening sensation to the throat. Second alternative, warm milk consumed along with turmeric powder is very effective and makes an individual attain a faster recovery.

Wonders Of Garlic

One of the things which an individual cannot ignore for cough is garlic since it proves to be a medicine for almost all health ailments. Garlic has the properties which destroy germs and bacteria whereby minimizing the allergy caused and the properties of controlling and reducing the growth of microbes helps in getting away with the problem.

Wonders Of Garlic

The pieces of garlic when eaten raw helps in increasing the immunity system of an individual and when sipped like a tea an individual can derive maximum benefits from it. Few pieces of garlic can be boiled along with water and few sprinkles of oregano. When the residue is almost ready, some sweetener can be further added to enhance the taste of the residue. The residue when sipped clears the throat and minimizes the problem of breathing and for an instant relief garlic should be consumed with oil of cloves.

Certain Situations To Be Adopted

According to experienced people, it is recommended to stay a little dehydrated as the intake of water might liquefy the phlegm causing the mucus to seep down the throat and even keeps the phlegm membranes humid. The discomfort caused by the cough towards the throat can be mended to a great extent by sucking lozenges.

intake of water

The lozenges hold compounds which put an end to the cough like dextromethorphan and benzocaine, menthol etc. It is highly recommended to take a shower with hot water as the warm water helps in opening up the pores of the respiratory tract and the devices which secrete moisture should be installed at home. The humidifiers should be used to a limited extent as an excess of it might create a problem.

Clean and a Good Environment

A clean environment is wanted and preferred by every human being. An individual tries her/his best to keep the area where they reside clean. A clean environment has many positive effects like fresh air for inhalation, positive thinking etc. Air pollution being the most harmful should be controlled in all ways as the most poisonous and disturbing element in the air is smoke.

quit smoking

It is advised further to quit smoking to lead a healthy life. Perfumed sprays or enhancers might be very nice in the beginning but might cause a problem to the people who are affected asthma or sinus. People with such problems might secrete extra phlegm due to serious coughing.

Medicinal Properties Of Ginger

Ginger proves itself to be a cure for many health ailments and for an instant relief few pieces of ginger along with a tweak of salt should be consumed raw. There are many people who cannot consume it raw so an another alternative is a ginger tea. Ginger can be crushed to few pieces and put into a jar of water for a boil.

Medicinal Properties Of Ginger

The water should be boiled till the time the quantity is almost down by half. This residue is very effective and beneficial when consumed along with sweetener and tulasi. The Ginger tea when consumed along with black pepper helps in relieving the congestion of the throat and provides a cooling senation.

The Benefits of Dry Fruits

Dry fruits are very helpful in treating many cures but if overtaken can create a problem since it is very high in calories. The signs of coughing can be minimized by the properties of nutrition held in the dry fruits. Among the dry fruits, almonds are very high in nutrition and plays a god role in killing and healing the germs of cough. The almonds should be kept in water for about eight to nine hours before consumption. The paste of almonds should be consumed thrice a day along with butter.

The Benefits of Dry Fruits

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