7 Natural Cures To Puffy Eyes

7 Natural Cures To Puffy Eyes

Puffy eyes are nothing but the swollen eyes that are found among people of every age group. The reasons can be salty or allergic food, irregular sleeping and eating habits, irritation to eyes or anything else.

In order to cure these eyes related problems it’s better to choose natural remedies.

How To Cure Puffy Eyes Using Natural Remedies

Being a sensitive organ, eyes need more and natural care, as there is no chance of side-effects in natural therapies. Some of the easiest home remedies for puffy eyes are:

 1. Cucumber

Among vegetables cucumber is the coolest one and is very soothing to puffy eyes. Just pile out thin slices of cucumber, lie down and put these slices on your closed eyelids. Leave it for some time about seven to ten minutes and relax.


2. Egg White

Egg whites are also very effective natural therapy for puffy eyes that you can easily find in your kitchen. Just take one egg white, whip it until it gets stiff.


You can use brush or any cloth for applying egg white underneath your eyes. Leave it for some time and you can feel the tightness in your skin and it also reduces the puffiness of the eyes

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3. Spoon

Put four to six spoons in refrigerator for cooling them. After some time, take two and put them over your closed eyelids and make sure the curved side is downward.


Feel the coolness and when the spoon gets warm replace it with another spoon in the fridge. It’s very effective in curing puffy eyes.

4. Potato

Another ingredient you can easily find in your kitchen to cure puffy eyes naturally is potato. Potato contains starch that works like anti-inflammatory agent for puffy eyes.


You only have to grate potatoes as thick as you can and put it in a clean cloth. After that, fold it and place on your closed eyes at least for 15 minutes.

5. Tea Bags

Take two tea bags rich in herbs and steep them in water preferably hot for some time. After that, take them out and cool it until you can comfortably touch them; now, put them over your eyelids for about 15 minutes.


During the hot summer season you can use these tea bags by putting them in the refrigerator after steeping for cooling purpose. After sometime, take out these cooled tea bags and apply to your eyes for a refreshing experience.

6. Cold Water

The most inexpensive natural home remedy to cure puffy eyes is the splash of cold water. If you have a busy schedule and don’t have enough time to do all other remedies then you can only wash your face with cold water.


It will provide cooling effect to your eyes and reduces the puffiness of the eyes

7. Dietary

You have to change your dietary routing by reducing the salt content in your food. Salty intense food is one of the reasons that are responsible for puffy eyes.


Apart from reducing salt intake, you can also go for drinking lots of water every day and also try to take more fruits and vegetables in your daily diet.

Caution: Please use Home Remedies after Proper Research and Guidance. You accept that you are following any advice at your own risk and will properly research or consult healthcare professional.