9 Natural Cure For Red Eyes

Eyes are most sensitive organs of everyone’s body, so we need to take some extra care of our eyes. Any infection or injury to the eyes can cause serious problems and one among them is the red eyes, which is also called as the bloodshot eyes. It causes irritation along with pain, so we need to take some measures to cure such serious problem.

Red Eyes

Natural Home Remedies For Red Eyes

Since eyes are very sensitive, it’s better to opt for cost effective natural or home care remedies to cure red swollen eyes. Some of these natural therapies are:

Cold Compress

In order to choke the swollen red eyes, it’s very essential to give some effect of cold compress. For that you can wrap some ice cubes in a cloth preferably towel, close your eyes and put it on your eyes at least for five minutes. For best results, it’s better if you continue this process for twice or thrice a day.

Cold Compress

Splashing Cold Water

Another natural remedy that you can offer to your red eyes is splashing of cold water into the eyes. It will be the easiest and best remedy to treat red eyes if it is caused because of some allergy.

For most effective results you can splash water at regular interval of time during a day. It helps in reducing the swollen blood vessels.


Frost feels of Rose Water

To reduce the redness of eyes, you can use rose water because of its cooling effect. For immediate effects, you can either wash your eyes twice or thrice a day using rose water or you can take rose water in cotton and put it on your eyes twice a day, at least for 10 minutes.

Rose Water


Cucumber is one of the best natural cares for red eyes, as it assists in swollen blood vessel shrink. You can use it by taking thin slices of cucumber and place it on your closed eyes, at least for 10 minutes. The cooling effect of cucumber helps in reducing the redness of your eyes.


Fennel Seeds

Take some fennel seeds along with water and bring them to boil and strain the solution. Wait until it becomes cool and after that use this blended solution to wash your eyes twice or thrice a day.

Fennel Seeds

Honey Blended with Black Pepper

Take a small teaspoon of honey and some powdered black pepper. Blend these two ingredients and apply it to the affected area of your eyes.

Leave this soluble for some time over the eyes, around for 10 minutes and after that wash it well with cold water. This will provide you immediate relief from painful red eyes.Honey


Green Tea Bags with Herbs

Every one of you may have green tea bags rich in herbs at your home. So take these bags and soak them in cold water. After that close your eyes, and put these chilled green tea bags over your eyelids and leave them for some time. You can feel the immediate effect of reducing pain and shrunk red swollen blood vessels.

Green Tea Bags

Drink Water

Sometimes, dehydration could be one of the factors for dryness and redness in the eyes. In order to cure such problem, you should drink more water throughout the day. The quantity may vary from two to three litters as per your preference.


Protect your Eyes from UV Rays

Going out in the sun is one of the factors responsible for red eyes. This is because the sun rays comprise of harmful ultra vireos rays that are very much responsible for eye irritation and other eye related problems. So, it’s better to wear sunglasses while going out in the bright sunlight.


Caution: Please use Home Remedies after Proper Research and Guidance. You accept that you are following any advice at your own risk and will properly research or consult healthcare professional.