6 Natural Remedies To Treat Cough

6 Natural Remedies To Treat Cough

Cough is one of the most common diseases affecting humans, especially kids. It is during the winter months that people are often susceptible to episodes of cough. Chronic or frequent cough could indicate a respiratory tract infection. It may also mean that there is some deep underlying problem of the respiratory system which needs medical assistance. Due to these reasons coughs cannot be ignored or treated without seriousness. Chronic cough that lasts for months could even be due to lung cancer. Smoking, medications, asthma, gastroesophageal reflux disease and nasal polyps are other factors that can cause cough. While coughs of a short duration go away on its own, chronic cough requires medication in order to prevent complications like pneumonia or asthma.

There are a multitude of excellent remedies for cough that can be prepared at home. Home remedies for cough are as effective as or much more than antibiotics administered for this purpose. They are devoid of side effects and are the perfect solution for children and old people. Find out what remedies can be attempted at home to get rid of your distressing cough.

Natural Solutions For Cough

Grapy Syrup For Your Cough

A bunch of grapes will offer you enough vitamin C in order to arrest the progress of all sorts of cough permanently. Grape juice does the job of an expectorant, thinning the mucus and relieving it from the air passage and lungs, giving great relief for the patient. We all know the benefit of honey and its healing powers, especially its soothing properties while you have a cough or sore throat.

Why not mix honey and grapes and enjoy its double benefit for removing cough in a matter of 3-4 days?  Honey has great anti bacterial qualities. Combined with the expectorant qualities of the grapes and honey’s destruction of bacteria in the throat, you do not need any other medication for your cough.

If you do not have grapes handy, check your reserves for raisins. As it happens, raisins too can works wonders if you know how to handle them. Take a handful of raisins and add the same amount of sugar to it.  Add some water and crush them to form a coarse mixture. Heat it until it melts and turns thick in consistency like a sauce. Before you sleep, take three tablespoons of this raisin sauce for relief from cough.

Grapy Syrup For Your Cough

Hot Ginger For Cough Relief

The power of ginger to generate heat in the body and get rid of cough has to be experienced firsthand in order to sing praises about this medicinal herb. There are many way by which you can use ginger to relieve cough. Making a steaming hot ginger tea is the most common method adopted by all and sundry.

Whilst preparing tea, add some crushed ginger pieces along with the boiling water. This flavoured tea will sooth your throat and respiratory tract and reduce your symptoms within hours. Ginger can also be consumed with honey for relief from cough.  Pepper is another enthralling spice that can be added with ginger to stop your distress without any other medication. Before we go into finer details about the single benefits of pepper, you can make a mixture of ginger, pepper powder, honey and vinegar and have it three times a day. This could be too hot to handle and so you may dilute it with 2-3 tablespoons of water before you gulp it down your throat.


Herbal Tea For Treatment Of Cough

If you find ginger treatment a bit too spicy to handle, try this tea which is as effective as the other remedies mentioned above. Crush equal quantities of ginger and garlic and boil it in a cup of water. When the water starts boiling, put a few drops of lemon juice into it. Before you drink it, don’t forget to add some honey too.

Lemon removes toxins from the body and dissolves phlegm, immediately offering relief to the patient. This is a great remedy for children as it is a diluted concoction and easy to drink with the sweetened taste of honey. Ginger and lemon will heat your body and provide great relief within days.

herbal tea

Black Magic For Cough

Coming to the healing properties of pepper, this spice is a charm that can relieve chest congestion and dissolve sputum, giving instant relief from bouts of cough and breathlessness.  Adults can just chew a few corns of pepper as it is. For children, this may be too spicy and so you can crush them and add it along with milk and some honey or turmeric.

black Magic For Cough

Cumin Seeds For Relief From Cough

Cumin seeds have essential oils that can prevent viral infections and eliminate the chances of cough getting severe as it has properties that can dry up the mucous present in the respiratory tract. With vitamin C and iron present in abundance in cumin seeds, it strengthens immunity and prevents recurrence too.

Chew some cumin seeds as it is or prepare medicinal water by adding a few cumin while you boil water for drinking. Replace normal water with cumin water and see the benefits it can give to your overall health.

cumin seeds

Onions For Cough Relief

Just like garlic, onions too have great medicinal qualities which make them a globule full of interesting virtues.  Onions are great for removing phlegm from the cough and hence good for all sorts of respiratory problems. Cut some onions and add some honey into it. Drink this three times a day for great relief from the symptoms of cough.

To increase its potency as a phlegm removing potion, add some lemon juice, honey and a cup of water to some chopped onion pieces and bring it to a boil. Drink this thrice a day and gauge the results for yourself.

Cough is a very common occurrence. With proper diet and natural treatments, you can remove it from your system and also prevent its recurrence by taking  a few easy precautions like staying away from cold and cold food, avoiding processed and caffeinated food and drinks, and treating chronic symptoms effectively.


Caution: Please use Home Remedies after Proper Research and Guidance. You accept that you are following any advice at your own risk and will properly research or consult healthcare professional.