9 Ways To Treat Burns Naturally

Ways To Soothe Minor Burns Naturally

Accidents can happen to anyone at any time.  Even if we are not careless, accidents are part of our lives. While some accidents have negligible effect on our body, others could be unfortunate, resulting in debilitating and life threatening conditions. One of the most common accidents that can happen at home is to get burnt. It could turn out to be a first, second or third degree burn. Burns happen when the cells of our body are heated up due to a thermal, electrical or chemical effect that damages the cells, temporarily or permanently. Since we cannot predict accidents, it is a wise move to be aware of certain first aids that you can do at home in the wake of an accident.

Before discussing about home remedies for burns, we must be aware about the severity of burns. First degree burns with pain and reddening of the skin can be cured by administering home remedies. Second degree burns are more severe with deeper damage which could have affected the nerves and blood vessels. They will have blisters on the skin. They too can be cured to a certain degree with home remedies depending on the extent of damage.

If you are faced with third degree burns with charring of skin and extensive nerve damage, you must not wait for home remedies to take action. These types of burns require immediate medical attention, failing which the patient could lose his life.

Home Remedies For Burns

Cold Water Treatment For First Degree Burns

Immediately after you have got a burn in your body, you can put the burnt part under cold water. This will cool the overheated cells and relieve the pain. You can also use an ice cube for this purpose. Apply an ice cube for about 10 minutes to cool the body. Burns could lead to overheating of the body and dehydration of the skin. Therefore drinking at least 2 litres of water is advisable until your burns are completely cured.

Cold Water Treatment

Honey For Second Degree Burns

If you are dealing with burns that are of a second degree in nature, you need to exercise more caution in order to prevent infection. There could be blister formation and open wounds in this case. Use ice cubes and tap water for cooling the area. Honey is a natural cure for healing wounds. Honey also has antibacterial properties.

Get some organic honey and smear it on the burnt area. Honey will keep the wound protected from external pollutants and also infections, while healing the wound and preventing the area from becoming dry with its moisturising qualities.


Turmeric For First And Second Degree Burns

Turmeric has amazing antiseptic, antibacterial and healing properties. Turmeric can be taken internally by adding it to a glass of milk in order to reduce the pain and any kind of inflammation associated with burns.

For external application of turmeric on burns, mix equal amounts of turmeric powder and aloe vera gel and apply on the burnt area. This will heal the wound and prevent any sort of infection if there are blisters that can become septic.


Tea Bags For First Degree Burns

The tannin present in tea can sooth the burnt area. Use tea bags by dipping them in water and place them directly on the burnt surface. Alternatively, boil the tea bags and strain the water using a clean cloth.

Apply the water on the wound of burnt area with a cloth. Application of tea or tea bags will reduce the inflammation associated with burns and give instant relief.

Tea Bags

Potato Peel For Burns

Potato peel has many healing properties, especially if it is applied in the initial stages of the wound. Boil the potato and remove the peel gently. Put this on the burnt area like a natural plaster. This will prevent entry of bacteria into the wound and also helps in the healing of the wound. This is a first aid administered in hospitals due to its very effective healing properties. It is also a very simple and effective treatment that can be done immediately after you have had a burn.

Potato Peel

Papaya For First And Second Degree Burns

When we have a burn on our skin and once it starts healing, our next concern could be the permanent mark it could leave on the body. Here’s where papaya comes to your rescue. Enzymes in papaya can remove dead skin cells through its exfoliating action.

Once the internal healing of the wound is facilitated, start applying papaya pulp on the burnt skin every day. This will remove all the dead and wounded cells and facilitate regeneration of the skin with stimulation of collagen formation. Doing this everyday will also prevent scar formation and patches on the skin.


Plantain Leaves For healing Of burns

Plantago or plantain leaves are best for treating minor burns and wounds. It helps in stopping bleeding and has great cooling properties. You can crush the leaves and cover the wounded area like a plaster or extract the juice from the leaves and apply on the burn. It has mucilage that keeps the wounded area hydrated. It has anti inflammatory properties and reduces pain.

Plantain Leaves

Salt For First Degree Burns

Many a time our mouth could have burnt as a result of eating hot food or drinking hot tea. Next time you are faced with such a condition, wash your mouth with salt water 5-6 times a day to prevent pain and discomfort. Salt heals wounds fast and hence can be applied directly on first and second degree wounds, based on their severity.


Vinegar For Healing Burns

The astringent and antiseptic qualities of vinegar help to heal the wound fast. However, make sure that you do not apply vinegar directly on the wound. Vinegar is strong and can burn your skin more with concentrated application. Dilute vinegar with water and use on the burnt skin for relief and cure.

When you have to deal with a third degree burn, remember to massage the area frequently to improve blood circulation and oxygen supplementation to the area. This will helps the skin cells to regenerate faster and pave way for easy recovery.


Caution: Please use Home Remedies after Proper Research and Guidance. You accept that you are following any advice at your own risk and will properly research or consult healthcare professional.