17 Home Remedies For Burns

Burns are serious injuries and should be treated as such. First-degree burns are the easiest to treat and can be managed effectively at home. Second and third degree burns, which penetrate deep inside the skin need medical intervention, as they are dangerous, can cause infection and can also lead to death.


Ironically, while the home offers a multitude of home remedies to treat burns, it is also a danger zone hosting a variety of appliances that can give rise to burn injuries. The following article is for first degree and superficial second degree burns that cause pain and redness but no blistering.

Home Remedies For Treating Burns


Honey is often used as a natural disinfectant. It can be applied to the burn wound and helps to ooze the fluid out of the wound, thus cleaning the blister. You can also apply the honey directly on a gauze and put the gauze on the wound. Try to change the dressing 3-4 times a day.

Lemon And Honey


Burns that heal can leave your skin feeling dry, raw and itchy. Scratching the burn wound can exacerbate your problems. To remedy this, apply oatmeal in the form of a paste by adding milk or water. Wash the wound daily with this solution to keep the skin moisturized and itch-free.


Salt Water Gargles

Mouth or tongue burns can really hurt. Once the initial discomfort wears off, try warm, salt water gargles to rinse your mouth. While this may hurt a little, it will reduce the chances of developing an infection.


Tea Treatment

Take a few tea bags and immerse them in a bowl of warm water. Allow this water to cool or refrigerate it. Now with the help of cotton dab the liquid on the burn site for an immediate cooling sensation.

The tannin present in the tea not only promotes healing but also draws out the heat from a burn. Another way to do this is to place a used tea bag directly on the wound and wrap it securely with a bandage.

Tea Bags


This remedy works as soon as you get the injury. Take a teaspoon of vinegar and dilute it in a cool glass of water. Now wash the burn with this solution. The vinegar works as an astringent and an antiseptic and reduces the likelihood of an infection.


Ice It

A burn responds very well when attended to immediately. Take a couple of ice cubes and rub the affected area as soon as you are burnt. The ice minimizes pain, swelling and also reduces the chances of blistering. You can apply the same principle if you have burnt your mouth. Simply suck on an ice cube to reduce the burning sensation.

Ice Pack


Ice-cold milk from the refrigerator will immediately soothe the burn. Wash the burn with milk as soon as you sustain it. This remedy is excellent for very minor and superficial burns. Milk helps to heal the burn and also has cooling properties.


Cool Water

If ice is not immediately available, take refuge from the tap water. Immediately place your hand or finger under the faucet to relieve yourself from the burning and itching sensation. Once you have done that, you can then place ice-cold compresses on the affected area of the burn. Cold-water treatment done immediately and effectively will completely heal the burn.

Cold Water


The paste of an onion works like miracle on more severe burns. Apply the paste of an onion on the burn region of the skin. You will find the pain vanishing in seconds. You can also place the puree on a strip of gauze and bandage your injury with this gauze for a more long lasting effect.


Aloe Vera Gel

Once you have treated the burn with cold water or ice, apply some cooling, pure aloe-Vera gel on the affected area. This will promote rapid healing and also reduce pain, which is likely to occur later on.

Aloe Vera Gel

Egg Whites

Egg whites are a certified remedy for burns. Immediately apply the white of an egg on the burn area especially if the burn is more severe. The egg white forms a thin and protective layer around the burn site thus sealing off the injury from exposure to outside air. The egg white is also rich in protein, which helps to heal and repair the burnt skin.

Egg White

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Treating The Blister

If you have sterile equipment at home or have someone in the house who is a doctor, get your blister treated by gently rupturing it with the help of a sterile needle. The fluid will drain out and will immediately relieve the pressure felt on the surface of the skin. Dress the wound and bandage it. Apply a burn ointment if necessary.

Burn Ointment

Soap And Water

Once the initial 24 hours have lapsed, wash the wound daily with soap and water to reduce the chances of developing an infection. Keep dressing the wound as deemed fit.

Harsh Soaos

Eat Well

Eating well while you have sustained burns will ensure that you are giving your skin a steady supply of vital nutrients that it needs to heal and repair itself. Stick to fruits, vegetables and plenty of fluids.

Eat Well

Vitamin E

Take the powder of a Vitamin E capsule and apply the powder on the burn wound after it has completely healed. This will help to reduce scarring that has been caused by the burn. You can also eat a capsule daily to heal your skin from within.

Vitamin E

Avoid Going Outside

If the burn is severe, avoid sun exposure and stay indoors. The heat in the air can aggravate your injury and cause it to burn more.

Avoid Going Outside

Show The Burn To A Doctor

If your pain is worse, or you suspect an infection, make it a point to show the burn to a doctor who will treat it accordingly. In the meantime, keep following the above home remedies, which will give you temporary relief.

Burns of the superficial kind are not to be feared as they can be easily managed. Severe burns, however, should never be ignored and should be given prompt medical attention.

Show the Burn to a Doctor

Caution: Please use Home Remedies after Proper Research and Guidance. You accept that you are following any advice at your own risk and will properly research or consult healthcare professional.