10 Home Remedies For Burns On Hands

Burns on hands are caused unexpectedly and hence it is always better to be aware of some quick home remedies that you can try immediately in order to prevent the burnt skin from getting worse and before you seek medical aid in case the burn is severe.

Burns On Hands

However, for severe burns on the hands or any body part, never make the mistake of delaying treatment. Seek medical help immediately for saving your life.

Tips To Cure Burns On Hands Naturally

Aloe Vera

Rich in skin regenerating and healing properties, aloe vera must be your first choice for treating burns on your hands, if it is readily available. The wonderful cooling benefits of aloe makes it an instant cooling gel for the burnt skin. Take fresh aloe gel from the aloe plant and apply on the burn. Reapply every few hours to keep the skin cool and also to encourage the healing process. Aloe vera soon clears the skin and prevents scar formation as well.

Aloe Vera Gel


A natural healing and skin moisturizing agent, honey can be applied directly on the burnt skin to prevent dryness and also to heal the skin fast. Apply a thick coat of organic honey on the burn on the hands and leave it on. Reapply as and when needed.

Honey also acts as a barrier to the burnt skin, preventing bacteria and other foreign particles from entering the wound and causing infection. Application of honey will also help in preventing scar formation on the skin.


Castor Oil

The cooling and healing properties of castor oil are almost magical. Application of castor oil on the burnt hand and covering it with a gauze will help the burn to heal in a few hours. For severe burns on hands, you need constant application of castor oil for several hours. Soak castor oil in a gauze and tie it around the burnt hand. This way you can ensure that the castor oil remains in place for 24 hours. Continue application until the burn heals and the scar marks start fading away.

Castor Oil

Tea Bags

Tea has tannin, which is anti inflammatory in nature and is also a good astringent of sorts. For treating burns on the hands, brew a tea and rinse the area with the tea. Meanwhile the tea bag can be cooled in the refrigerator and applied externally as well. This will numb the pain and bring down the inflammation as well while the burn gets healed.

Tea Bags


The soothing properties of milk can also calm a burnt skin on hands. The fat content in milk acts as a calming agent on the burnt skin and masks the pain and discomfort. Again, cooling the milk will make the milk more effective in cooling the burnt skin on the hands.

Ensure that the milk that you use is fresh milk and not canned or processed varieties, which may have chemicals, and preservatives that can aggravate the situation. Soak a soft cotton cloth in milk and place in the affected are. Leave it on and apply fresh cloth every time it dries.


Wheat Flour

The efficacy of wheat flour lies in the fact that wheat flour will immediately absorb the moisture in the burnt skin on your hands and put the wound in the healing way as soon as possible. Wheat flour is also a natural band-aid, which prevents air, dust and germs from entering the wound and causing infections and blisters.

Take finely ground wheat flour and apply on the affected skin. Soon the wheat flour will absorb the moisture from the burn and form a paste, which will stick to the wound and protect it from external irritants.


White Of An Egg

The white of an egg is rich in nutrients and is also cooling to the skin. Apart from these strong points, what makes an egg white a great remedy for treating burns is the fact that they have abundant collagen which is the base of the skin and heals and regenerates  the burnt skin without a trace of scar formation and skin pigmentation.

As soon as the hand is burnt, run cold water over the burn to cool it instantly. Then soak the hand in the white of eggs after beating it slightly. Keep giving overcoats every one hour until bedtime. Leave it overnight and the next day morning ash it off. Continue treatment in the same manner if the burn is not healed in a day.

Egg White Mask


Potato peels too have the same effect as a natural bandage that can help in sealing the burnt skin from air and other foreign bodies. The skin of a potato can be removed after boiling the potato and applied on the burnt skin on the hands.

The skin will absorb all the moisture and help keep the area clean and dry until it heals. You can also apply raw potato slices on the burnt skin to get the same protection and healing properties.


Plantain Leaves

Plantain leaves have properties that help in cooling burnt skin. It is also known to stop the bleeding associated with a particularly bad burn on your hands. Take some fresh plantain leaves and crush it before tying on to the burnt skin. You can also extract the juice from the plantain leaves and apply it frequently on the burn to heal it naturally.



With mild antibacterial properties, salt is best for treating mild to moderate burns on the hands and other parts of the body. When you have burnt your skin, wash with cool water first and apply salt on the affected area. Salt will destroy any bacterial action and prevent infections as well.

Salt can also heal any open wound that could have happened during the burn. However, it is important to check what degree burn you have in order to prevent complications. If the burn is of a second or third degree, do not wait for home remedies to take effect. Take the victim to the emergency room immediately in order to save his/her life.

Plantian Leaves


Caution: Please use Home Remedies after Proper Research and Guidance. You accept that you are following any advice at your own risk and will properly research or consult healthcare professional.