5 Home Remedies For Trigeminal Neuralgia

Trigeminal NeuralgiaThe sharp and shooting pain across the face is unbearable. It is like an electric shock, and the intensity is more than anything you have experienced so far. You are suffering from trigeminal neuralgia. This is an abnormality of the trigeminal nerve which is tasked with the carriage of sensations like pressure, touch, pain, temperature from the areas in the gums, face, jaws, forehead and eyes to the brain.

It has been observed that the malady strikes mostly when the blood vessels press against the nerve. The blood vessels dilate and compress with every heart beat and thus press hard against the nerve in every heartbeat. This slowly wears off the insulation and the nerve becomes exposed to the blood vessel.

When you are diagnosed with trigeminal neuralgia you have very few options in terms of treatment. Most successful treatments involve surgery. However, medications are there for moderate degree of pain and suffering. There are some home remedies which you can resort to get rid of the pain and help the medicine. Let us discuss some of the home remedies for trigeminal reuralgia.

Home Remedies For Trigeminal Neuralgia

Hot Compress

A hot compress works very well in relieving the pressure and therefore the pain of trigeminal neuralgiaFor greater effect you should add some Epsom salt in a jar of hot water and soak the towel in it. Now rinse off the water completely and press the towel against the base of your neck where the trigeminal nerve originates. This will reduce much of the pain. Epsom salt is somewhat analgesic in nature and the heat will help the muscles relax and beat the pain.

Capsaicin And Turmeric

Cayenne pepper may be at your home. It contains the compound capsaicin which is very good as an analgesic. There are ointments available which contain capsaicin.


On the other hand turmeric is anti-inflammatory in nature. A combination of cayenne pepper and turmeric can be good for your trigeminal pain. Make a paste of cayenne pepper with a few drops of olive oil and add some turmeric to it.  Now apply it on the base of the neck and also in the painful areas.


Ice is useful when you need to control pain. Ice has the capacity to do so. It can control pain sensation by constricting the blood vessels. This will lessen the impingement of the nerve. Moreover, this constriction will lead to less flow of blood which will reduce the carriage of pain sensation.  So as soon as you start feeling the pain take a piece of cloth and place a few cubes of ice in it. Now rub the painful areas as well as the base of neck repeatedly. This will help you to ward off the most severe pain that mankind has ever faced.


Exercise can be a wonderful medicine for trigeminal neuralgia. You can overcome the severity of the problem with exercise.

Deep Breath Exercises

Deep breathing exercises have been found to be helpful in alleviating the pain associated with trigeminal neuralgia. To practice deep breathing you should inhale to your capacity through your nose and exhale through the mouth. Do this while relaxing your shoulders, neck, throat and jaw.


It has been seen that meditation can help you to relax and that will relax the muscles and blood vessels thereby lessening the symptoms of impingement. To get the benefits of meditation you should learn it from an expert.

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