Amazing Fat Burning Exercises

Fat Burning ExercisesSome fat is good and essential for your body whereas there are some forms of fat that you need to get rid of. Burning fat or losing fat are the commonly used terms in spoken language for weight reduction or calories reduction. Calories are burned based on the intensity of your work out.

Some call these calories as carbs. Your body depends on these carbs and fat for energy. Thus how you burn them matters much. When you work on a low intensity, your body utilizes less amount of quick energy. This in turn burns a higher proportion of fat.

The most important fact here for you to remember is that the lesser the intensity of work out, the more the time needed to spend on exercising. Here are some of the best fat burning exercises that I have put together for you.

Best Fat Burning Exercises

Brisk Walking

Brisk walking is a moderate yet highly effective exercise for fat burning and weight loss. You must do brisk walking for a minimum of five days in a week. The more you increase your walking pace, the more you burn the calories. The heavier you are, the more calories you burn. You must balance your walking paces through the week in order to achieve better results. For example, you can do up to 3 fast pace walks taking shorter steps and 2 moderate paces with longer steps.


Skipping is my all time favourite cardio work out. 1300 Calories are burned if you skip for about an hour. In your first 10 minutes you can burn up to 110 calories.


Skipping helps you to develop your cardio as well as your respiratory fitness, agility and flexibility. It also helps you in strengthening your bones and serves as a good exercise to get in shape. It trims your thighs, backsides and hips. A 45 minute run and a 10 minute skipping have proven to have similar health benefits.

Running Up And Down The Stairs

Running on the stairs is a brilliant way to burn fat as it delivers a good cardio work out and helps to tone your buttocks. This fat burning exercise can be made a part of your daily lifestyle. While running up and down the stairs, remember to move your whole body than just the legs. You can avoid putting pressure on the knees by using thighs and by not flexing your legs completely. A 10 minute run as 1 set is good to begin with.

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Morning Run

Running on a flat ground is a beneficial exercise to burn fat and keep your calories level balanced. A proficient way to burn fat is to run before taking your breakfast. When you have no food in your stomach, your body needs to depend on your fat as the energy source.

Morning running

However, it is not advisable to overdo the morning running as your body will tend to gradually burn the carbohydrates and begins to depend on your lean muscles. The benefits of morning runs include getting the fresh sun rays (Vitamin D), no pollution and no distractions. You must drink a glass or two of water or eat a protein bar before your begin the morning run. 40 minutes per day is the advisable run time.

Other Exercises

Apart from the above mentioned exercises you can try bicycling, spot jogging, swimming or even an up hill climb. You can also combine walking and jogging.

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