Yoga Exercises To Increase Height

HalasanaA good height is one of the secrets behind a great personality. There are numerous factors responsible for it like genes, balanced nutrition, geographical area where the person comes from and general hormonal balance within the body.

Right food coupled with healthy lifestyle helps in attaining an ideal height and weight. The role of exercises and physical activities cannot be undermined while discussing the factors leading to height gain. This is where yoga comes in to picture.

Yoga For Increasing Height

Yoga is not only a physical exercise but also a technique which helps the body reach its true potential in terms of physical and mental well being. The yogic postures are known to stimulate hormones that regulate various systems in our body. It is believed that regular practice of yoga can help a person grow in height even after he or she has passed the adolescence. Usually it is until adolescence that a person can have increase in the height. Though height growth after a certain age is not backed by scientific evidence but practising specific yoga especially meant for growth during the growing up phase can boost your chances of having a good height.


Date palm tree is called Taadh. As seen, this tree grows up to be very tall, so is the name of this asana very aptly kept to reflect its benefits on the height. Stand straight with the palms of your hand resting on your shoulders.


Now raise the palms along with your arms towards the sky. Keep stretching until you are standing on the tip of your toes with hands stretched upwards. You should feel the stretch in the entire body. Now slowly, first get back to your feet, and bring the hands down back to your shoulder while your body relaxes. Do this asana 10-12 times at least.


Sit on a Yoga mat with your legs stretched in front of you. Now raise your hands in the air. Stretch them and try to touch your toes without bending your knees. Slowly bend forward in such a way that your nose touches the thighs.


This asana is difficult and requires practice. Do not try to force it on the body. Slowly and steadily with regularity you will be able to do it completely. This asana stretches the spine, abdomen and thighs.

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Yoga To Increase Height


In this asana, Lie down on the mat. Place your hands under the your back. Now raise your legs straight upwards as your toe points towards the sky. Support this posture as you go up with the hands solidly propped against your back.


When you have attained the balance on your shoulders, slowly remove your hands and lay them straight on the floor. After a few seconds get yourself back in the lying position with the support of your hands.


Lie on the floor. Like sarvangasana, raise your legs straight upwards while supported with your hands behind your back. Unlike sarvangasana, do not stop when you are vertical to the floor, instead raise it over your head towards the floor in such a way that your toes touch the floor. Remove your hands from the back and rest them on the floor. This posture also stretches the entire body.

The discussed asanas are beneficial in height gain, however, right diet plays an equally important role in its increase.

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