6 Wonderful Home Remedies For Breast Infection

Breast InfectionYou have not yet been able to reconcile with the fact that you have become a mother. The joy of becoming a mother has overwhelmed you. But the joy brings with it added responsibilities. You have to nurture the child so that it is healthy and strong and able to gain its place in the big bad world. All of it starts with breastfeeding.

Your baby sucking on the flow of milk from your breasts brings that ultimate pleasure that every mother longs for. But, the milk is not flowing. The breast has become hard, and it is painful too. However, you need not be worried. This is a symptom that many newbie mothers experience all over the world. You have a breast infection.

Your breast may also have become warm to touch. There may even be some redness there. If the symptoms are limited to these you need not go to the doctor. There are home remedies for breast infection. You can quite well cure the infection and start breastfeeding your baby. Let us explore some of the home remedies.

Home Remedies For Breast Infection

Soak In The Heat

If it is not possible to take a warm shower often you can use an alternative treatment. Use the warmth of rice to heat up the breasts and unclog the pores. For this take a sock and fill it up with some uncooked rice. Now warm it in the oven and put the sock inside your bra. This will keep the breasts warm for a long time and reduce the affects of infection.


The pores may have just opened up a bit and milk is just oozing out, but the pain and tenderness is still there. Do not commit the mistake of resting the breast and breastfeed from the other breast. Use the affected breast equally as the other one.


The baby’s innate habit of sucking milk has an amazing capacity. It may help to open up the clogged ducts further. Help the baby to suck on that breast powerfully so that the effect is multiplied.

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Garlic is antibiotic and it has been used traditionally to treat various kinds of infection. Your breast infection may also be helped by garlic. For this you need to chew on two to three cloves of raw garlic. This will ward off the infection and open up the ducts.

Warm Shower

The milk is not flowing because there may be a blockage in the milk ducts or capillaries. You can unblock the vessels with some warm water. For this taking a warm shower is the best way. When you take a warm shower the continuous flow of hot water over your breasts can unblock the ducts and capillaries.

Warm Shower

This will help in softening up of the breasts and also may remove some of the fungal infection. Do this at least twice a day, and you will be able to start breastfeeding your bundle of joy. Massaging your breasts while taking the shower can produce even better results.


This is a traditional herb that is mostly used to fight infections. It can fight breast infection as well. You can have Echinacea tea to fight the infection.

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