5 Best Home Remedies For Knee Swelling

Knee Swelling

When you suffer from knee swelling, it might become a worst situation for you as you cannot move your leg; you can neither sit or stand properly without support. Knee Swelling is such a bad condition that, it occurs in most of the adults and bothers them a lot. This knee swelling is usually found in those people who are over-weight, or those who suffer from hyperthyroidism or in pregnant women.

Even, swelling can happen, if you sit in a single place for a long time bending your knees; especially, while watching TV or reading books. You can also observe such knee swelling in the people who perform their daily routine task by standing for long hours. There is also possibility of such condition when you suffer from dehydration menopause, tendonitis. You can get this problem solved with ease, by following below mentioned home remedies.

5 Easy Home Remedies For Knee Swelling

Cold Or Warm Compression

To decrease the level of swelling, most researchers suggest using warm compression or cold compression. But, make sure that, you use only one compression either warm or cold; do not use both method. Suppose, you use ice packs, neglect warm compression; the reason is that, using negative and positive compression will create negative impact on swelling.

Warm Compression

Thus, use either of these. You will get ready-made compressing cloth to compress on swelling area, or you can do this compression with the cloth at your home.

Ice Pack Important

Ice pack has been in use for swelling since many years, and has been an excellent treatment for knee swelling that has created a great impact on most of the people. Therefore, it is recommended to use ice pack as a first medicine for any type of swelling, including knee swelling.

Ice Pack

Take a polythene cover, add few cubes of ice in that packet and apply on the swelling knee. This will reduce or remove the swelling completely, when applied for many times a day.

Onions Essential

It is experimented that, onions are a great dose for knee swelling. Hence, cut onions into round slices, sprinkle salt over these slices, keep these on swelling area, and tie them to the knees with a cloth.


This will help in reducing the swelling in short period of time, if this method is followed regularly. To tie a cloth to the knee swelling area is a kind of talent that you should know, as it is difficult to fix the cloth on knee, the cloth comes out. So be careful when you tie.

Ginger Effective

As per the researchers, Ginger has all the necessary property like anti-inflammatory, antiseptic and many more… which is more effective in diminishing the size of swelling area. Thus, you can try to use few pieces of ginger in your day to day cooking. This will allow the proper blood circulation and avoid the blood clot in the knee area, where swelling is found.


Coconut Oil Massage

Coconut oil massage or olive oil massage can be most important and can be a great help in minimizing the swelling knee. The reason is not just coconut oil or olive oil; but, it is a matter of massaging.

Coconut Oil Massage

If knee massaging is done in a proper manner, there will be good blood flow in the knee area, which thereby kicks knee swelling.

Caution: Please use Home Remedies after Proper Research and Guidance. You accept that you are following any advice at your own risk and will properly research or consult healthcare professional.