Massage Therapy For Knee Pain

Knee PainKnee is a very important part of the body, as it carries most of the body weight. As people get older, they start facing many problems like the degeneration of muscles and pain in the knees. Pain is common when knee joints are damaged.

Knee damage and pain can cause a lot of difficulties in our daily life. Knee pain starts in the tissues and muscles that are present around the knee. Luckily, massage can help get relief from knee pain. There are different kinds of knee massage and it should be carried out depending on the condition.

Massage Therapy For Knee Pain

Petrissage Technique

This is also called as kneading technique and is mostly used to loosen muscles and warm them up. It includes rolling, squeezing and picking up of muscles. Keep your left hand beneath the knee and press tightly on the knee with the right hand palm.

Petrissage Technique

Massage a few inches forward until you can clasp muscle with your fingers. Without pinching the skin, gently grip the muscle and massage up to the thigh. It is the best massage technique for reducing knee pain.

Deep Friction Massage

Using the middle finger, massage the muscles outside the knee deeply. Massage your leg below the knee as well as your inner leg. Continue this action over and around the knee. It is very safe, relaxes tired muscles, and reduces discomfort.

Effleurage Technique

This is the first technique used in all kinds of massage. Oil is spread on the tissue and the tissue is made warm. The entire knee area and the thighs should be covered by this technique to alleviate knee pain.

Effleurage Technique

Pressure is initially applied on muscles using upward strokes and then it is gradually made firm as warmness increases in the muscles. It promotes muscle relaxation, lessens pain and helps to get a deep sleep. It increases blood circulation and reduces muscle tension.

Stripping The Muscles

Using the thumb, a deep pressure is applied starting from the knee towards the thigh. This stretches the muscles and realigns scar tissues and fibers. Pressure can be applied using elbow, heel or massage tools.

Trigger Pointing

When there is a knot, pressure is applied straight on it. When discomfort is reduced, more pressure is applied. Again when the discomfort fades off, pressure is reduced. This technique help in altering the blood flow to the particular area. It lowers and increases the blood flow, so that it heals the muscles fast.

Trigger Pointing

It reduces pain and sensitivity in the triggered points. Petrissage and effleurage techniques can be used in the end of any massage techniques to remove body waste and toxins. They can prevent pooling of the blood in one place.

Massage For Swelling Reduction

Research says that, damage in knee joints causes pain and the pain gets worse with movement. Because of the friction during movement, knee joints become hot and swollen. When this happens, the patient needs immediate treatment.

The main idea of knee massage is reducing swelling and pain. It reduces tension as well. Effleurage is used to reduce swelling. If swelling persists even after massage, it should be stopped immediately.

Massage After Surgery

Massage can decrease contractures and can relax the muscles. A knee surgery can hinder flexibility and cause swelling. Giving a massage to knee joints and incision site is important, but the pressure used should be light. This can help reduce swelling, redness and pain. It can be effective in serving postoperative surgery issues.  

Massage After Surgery

Massage therapy is important and effective for regaining normal knee functions after surgery. It should be done only by professionals. It quickens the healing process, restores muscle mobility and releases muscle tension.

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For Arthritis

Massage techniques are very important for curing arthritis. It includes applying pressure on muscles, cartilage and tendons. It is evident that massage therapy reduces knee pain. Experts accept that regular exercise and massage therapies can help individuals get relief from arthritis problems.

Massage For Arthritis

Massage can reduce joint pain, stiffness and inflammation effectively. It increases the blood circulation and repairs the cartilages that are deteriorating. Massage can improve sensory stimuli to counteract pain. The flexibility of the joint is improved, which in turn supports a wide range of motion plus other activities.

Circular Friction

Pressure is given to muscles using the thumb in a circular motion and gradually the pressure is increased in tender and tight areas to help relax muscles and to break down knots, scar tissue, adhesion, etc.

Swedish Massage

It consists of kneading and long sweeping strokes. It includes applying pressure using hands and palms, kneading, and bending, stretching and tapping. It increases blood flow, muscle flexibility, flushes toxins out of muscles.

 Swedish Massage

It helps the blood to carry more oxygen to body parts, and reduces muscle tension. It is best for osteoarthritis as it reduces pain and increases the functional ability to a great extent.

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