7 Best Natural Cures For Arthritis Knee Pain

Arthritis Knee Pain

Arthritis in knee is one most common reason for the knee pain. Arthritis knee pain occurs due to changes in bones or wear and tear in the cartilage in the knee joint. It may also occur due to inflammation. A cartilage is the spongy material in the joints which provides lubrication and also cushion the joints which result in smooth and painless movement movement in case of arthritis knee pain the cartilage thins and wear which causes bone to bone contact and results in pain swelling and stiffness in knee.

There are many kind of arthritis in the knee joint which is classified on the basis of symptom and other factors. The most common reason of the arthritis in knee is age as a person grows older the capacity of the cartilage to heal decreases obesity is another reason for the arthritis even heredity or the regular stress activities such as running squatting or lifting heavy weight lifting may causes arthritis however there are many natural cure which can bring relief

7 Natural Cures For Arthritis Knee Pain


Massage helps in relaxing and reducing stiffness in the joints which causes pain and restricts the movement message increases the flow of blood and relax the muscle there are many kinds of massage which can help in the pain and improves the mobility if the pain is acute reflexogy massage can help as it does not require to touch the painful joint but the pressure can applied to the corresponding point on the feet massage also help the body to get rid of toxins which causes inflammation. Flow of oxygen due to the massage also help in reducing pain and stiffness.



Exercise plays a very vital role in managing the pain in knee. There are many exercises which increases the flexibilitys and strengths of the muscle and improves the movement and reduces the pain. Swimming is one of the most effective medium of exercise as it increases the flexibility and provides good posture and helps the person suffering with the pain some aerobics exercise such as cycling and brisk walking and tennis improves the movement of the joints strengthen exercise also help a great deal as they strengthens the muscle which provides support to our joints exercise in the morning helps a person who is suffering from morning stiffness

ExercisesImportance Of Eucalyptus Oil In Reducing Pain

Eucalyptus oil can be very useful in the case of pain in knee. Warm up the oil but be careful that it should not be very hot; apply it on the painful joint and now cover the area with a plastic bag to give continuous heat on the joint with a hot towel placed on the joint. This will help in relaxing the stiffness in the joint and provide full benefit of the treatment. At the most it should be done at the bedtimes.

Eucalyptus Oil


Flaxseed plays a vital role in treating inflammation and pain in the joints. The properties of omega-3 in it helps to fight inflammation. A person suffering can take two spoonfuls of flaxseed daily. He/she can also take flaxseed oil but it should be noted that the oil is not heated; it also boosts immune system.


Intake Herbal Tea

Herbal tea has anti oxidant and anti inflammatory properties in it which helps in relieving pain and inflammation. There are many herbal teas available such as green tea, ginger tea, celery seed tea etc. Consumption of these herbal teas can help.

Ginger Tea

Ginger tea can be prepared by boiling ginger root in the water. A person can also add milk and sugar to the taste. Ginger tea helps in reducing pain

Water Therapy

Heated water helps in relaxing and reduces stiffness in the joints. A hot water bath or shower for approximately fifteen minutes can stimulates blood circulation and relax tense muscle. Even hot packs can also help a great deal; water therapy erase the pressure and stress of the muscle and encourages smooth movement

Water Therapy

Usage of Honey

A paste of honey water and cinnamon powder can be made at home and if this paste is applied on the effected area it can bring instant relief in the pain. Honey is very beneficial if it is consumed.


Daily take one cup of hot water add a tea spoon of honey to it you can also add cinnamon powder to it and consume it every morning and evening as honey reduces inflammation it helps in better movement. A person suffering can be benefited greatly with the use of honey in every day life.

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