14 Natural Cures For Hyperactivity In Children

Hyperactivity In ChildrenHyperactivity is a serious problem in children. This is also known as Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder in medical terms. Although it is always suggested to seek medical advice and therapies for this problem, in milder cases, certain natural cures can be helpful too.

Before going into the discussions about the cures, it is to be kept in mind that parents can best cure the situation. They should be patient enough to tackle the situation and handle the child with care in this stage. Here are some natural cures that can be used to treat hyperactivity in children:

Natural Ways To Cure Hyperactivity In Children

Create A Routine

If your child is suffering from ADHD it is important to fix a time schedule for all the activities he or she does. Try to make a routine for him so that there is a proper time for everything, starting from when he gets up, does homework, goes to play and goes to bed.

ADD In Children

The tendency of hyperactive children is to seek something new, adventurous or demand change in everything. Balance this by making them follow a proper schedule.


Get your kid involved in some sort of relaxation activity. The practice of Shavasana for 5 to 10 minutes can be helpful. This is to lie down on the floor just like a corpse for the time. Make his head to support on a pillow and cover him. Ask him to take deep breaths during this time and ask him to think about something pleasant like flying or travelling on a beach.

IQ Test

Try to get IQ tests done frequently. This will help you to identify how much he is lagging behind in grasping things. Most of the times ADHD patients suffer from learning difficulties. This will make it easier for you to make him guide in the best possible way. You have to find the easiest method to make him learn things well.

Get Rid Of Chemicals

Avoid Processed Foods

ADHD occurs when there is a deficiency of certain chemicals in a particular area of the brain. If our food is laden with chemicals like preservatives and dyes, these necessary chemicals required for the proper functioning of the brain may be destroyed. Therefore make him stay away from junk foods and soda as much as possible.

Bedtime Massage

Oil massage before going to bed can be quite relaxing and calming. Try to follow this routine every night your child goes to sleep. Wet your hands and take some organic oil like olive or coconut in your palm. Rub the hands together and massage the oil on your child’s skin thoroughly. Wait till the oil gets absorbed and then wipe off with a towel.

Limit Screen Time

These days often it is seen that children remain glued to TV, video games and computers. This is bad for their brain functioning. The ADHD brain chemicals are not produced if the child is not active enough.

Limit Screen Time

Limit their time for watching TV or playing video games. They may act stubborn but you should not encourage them. Instead teach them to get involved in other kinds of activities like drawing or reading.

Rewards System

The main symptoms of ADHD children are misbehaving and undisciplined behaviour. Whenever your child is doing something good try to praise him or reward him. Tell him why you have rewarded him so that he can understand what he has done to be rewarded. If he has done his homework on time take him to the park or watch a movie together. However, you should be careful in doing so and don’t make it an everyday practice.

Proper Diet & Nutrition

A child’s balanced brain functioning needs certain amounts of vitamins and other healthy nutrients. Often it is seen that for tiffins mothers often give packaged food or too much sugar content foods.

Diet For Peptic Ulcer

This is really bad. Try to give salads or fruits instead. Cut your child’s intake of sugar. This will give a significant improvement in the situation.


Build a routine for your child so that he gets involved in some kind of exercise on a daily basis. At least half an hour time should be given to this. This will produce the chemicals necessary for ADHD. Get in involved in swimming, running or biking. The more physically active he will be the best for him.

Natural Rx

Often certain herbs can be essential sources of nourishment for the nervous system. They even help to calm and soothe your child.


Chamomile, lemon balm, passion flower etc can be given to your child for the proper functioning of nervous system. Try to give them in tinctures and follow the instructions on the bottles.

Clear Communication

Try to talk to the child in a calm and cosy environment. If you want him to listen to you do not engage in discussions when there is a lot of chaos, like lot of people around or the TV is switched on. He should be able to concentrate on only what you say and not at various things at the same time. This will be a good way to tackle ADHD conditions.

Organize School-Related Activities

Try to be particular with your child’s school-related activities and help him do it on priority basis.


Associate the different subjects with different colours to make the school life more interesting. Try to talk to him about the happenings of the day in the school and what new has he learned.

Show Love

Often in these situations parents need to be a little stricter than in normal cases. However, don’t just be strict always. Show him that how much you love him. Try to make him understand that it is for his good that you are doing this. Try to be a part of his life, e.g. If you restrict him to watch TV for only 1 hour, you also practice the same.

Minimal Medication

While medication is possibly the best way to cure this disorder, try to consult a doctor who can prescribe very less amount of it.

Ibuprofen Medicines

Piling up your children with loads of medicine can give side effects like depression, lack of appetite and mood tantrums. You can control the situation by asking the doctor to give minimal but effective dosage.

Caution: Please use Home Remedies after Proper Research and Guidance. You accept that you are following any advice at your own risk and will properly research or consult healthcare professional.