5 Natural Cures For Elbow Pain

elbow painElbow pain could be as a result of an inflammation of the tendon of the elbow. It could be accompanied by severe pain, swelling and redness. Elbow pain can arise from sudden trauma like fall on the elbow or a sudden jerky movement which causes the tendon to strain. Initially, you will only feel pain because the inflammation takes some time to build up.

Your symptoms may be different depending on the severity of the condition. Elbow pain is very much treatable and you just need to follow protocol on how to go about it. Mostly the doctors ask people to rest the tendon as much as possible because that’s the first line of treatment. You could treat a tennis elbow naturally by using the following techniques:

Best Natural Cures For Elbow Pain

Ice Treatment

Ice or cold is beneficial for any kind of inflammation or swelling. It acts on the pain gate mechanism and causes relief from pain up to a certain extent as well.


Some people have noted that they do not require pain meds when they are using ice so it is indeed very useful. You could apply an ice pack in that area for about 15 minutes at a time. You can use ice as many times in a day as you like.

Avoid Jerky Movement

Your injury must have happened due to a sudden jerk or trauma to the elbow. If the doctor has prescribed a supportive brace you could wear that but mostly it is advised if you do not move the part. Any movement could cause more exertion and the condition might get worse. After a few weeks maybe you could start with other forms of treatment like training your muscles or ligaments.


You could also practice some simple stretching exercises for the surrounding muscles. Aggravation of pain could also be caused due to tightness of the muscles surrounding the joint. If you practice simple stretching exercises of the arm and wrist, it could help your condition get better soon.

stretching exercises

You could stretch for 15 to 20 minutes daily after application of ice, because that’s when the pain is the least. Don’t try to overdo the stretching because you might end up straining other muscles and causing your condition to become worse.

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There is a theory called as ‘transfer of training’ which states that if you strengthen a certain group of muscles, you might be able to achieve beneficial results in muscles surrounding it as well. There is an apparent transfer of power or strength from one muscle to another. Simple strengthening exercises can be practiced for the entire arm or individual muscles as well. If you continue that you could expect a gradual improvement in your condition as well as the strength of your muscles.


hot water compress

Sometimes heat can also be very beneficial. If you are heating a particular body part, the blood flow to the area becomes more, allowing more oxygen and nutrients to enter the area of damage. Healing will be accelerated by the application of heat in the affected area. You can give a hot water compress for this purpose.

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