4 Effective Yoga For Tennis Elbow

Tennis Elbow

Nowadays people are doing many types of yoga in order to heal from pain. Yoga can be an integral part of your daily routine. It is a great way of stress relief to reinforcing your muscles to toning them up nicely. Mostly the tennis players are affected by the tennis elbow as it impinges on the tendons that are used in handling the tendons. But normal people can also be affected by tennis elbow when it strikes strongly with a hard thing like wall, table or chair etc.

The tennis elbow pain is actually terrible that you cannot move your hands for a long time.When the outer side of the elbow aches and hurts to touch also, you would know that it has taken the form of tennis elbow. With the tendons connecting the forearm muscles gets too much sprained then you tend to experience elbow pain and hence yoga becomes a beneficial remedy for it. You need to practice different poses of yoga that elongate the adjacent tissue of the elbow joint.

You can even consult your doctor before trying the yoga poses. You can do yoga at home or join any yoga class to get better soon from the elbow soreness. We’ve discussed 4 effective yoga poses for tennis elbow below.

4 Yoga For Tennis Elbow

Wrist-Strengthening Yoga Posture

Tennis elbow can be lessened by a yoga posture like wrist-strengthening pose. You can lay sideways first on a long mat on the floor as you put your one arm on one side. Slowly you have to lift your body up with one wrist pressuring on the floor and another straightened up.


Your body should be on a slanting way.You can also half bend your body with knees and both the hands’ fingers touching the floor. This pose will allow you more control on the wrist muscles.

Cobra Yoga Posture

For easing of tennis elbow pain you can first try out Half Cobra Posture (Bhujangasana) by lying flat on your belly on the floor. You should keep your feet and legs together and while inhaling lift your upper body up with palms on the ground and arms straight.Hold on in that position for few minutes with your gaze on the fingertips. Your shoulder joints will begin to open up steadily. Then go back to your original position. Repeat this yoga for six to eight times.

Cobra Yoga Posture

Then you can attempt for Full Cobra Posture where you bend your back more upwards and you can also lift your legs up together. More pressure is exerted on the shoulder joints as it toughens your back muscles and your arms too. This yoga is best for decreasing tennis elbow.

Supine Thunderbolt Yoga Posture

You can gain huge advantage from the Supine Thunderbolt (Supta Vajrasana) yoga posture for your tennis elbow ache. While doing this yoga you have to fold your right and left leg inside the knee and position the foot by the right and left buttock. With the help of elbows lie down on the back in a slow manner and thus you’ve to grasp the opposite shoulders along with your hands and as a pillow of the forearm is formed rest your head upon it.

Supine Thunderbolt Yoga Posture

Then you have to loosen the crossed arms very slowly and keep them on your body sides. With the elbows support you’ve to sit back in the Vajrasana position and stretch out your right foot forward. Then stretch your left foot and return to the beginning position. Via this yoga your elbows will work effective as it bends a lot. Hence you have to keep on practicing the above yoga till you get rid of tennis elbow.

Finger to Wrist Body Posture

This is yet another tennis elbow yoga known as Finger to Wrist Body stretch where you can sit on the floor calmly and do this pose which opens the part of the shoulder and chest.You have to keep your left hand palm stretched out with your right hand holding the other as pressure is exerted and brings relief to your elbow.

Finger to Wrist Body Posture

Caution: Please use Home Remedies after Proper Research and Guidance. You accept that you are following any advice at your own risk and will properly research or consult healthcare professional.