How To Cure Anxiety

AnxietyDo you feel worried all the times or get freaked out at the drop of a hat? If yes, you bare probably suffering from anxiety disorder. Being anxious is not a disease or any medical condition but sometimes when you tend to go over the board you can suffer from anxiousness.

There are many safe drugs that can be used to treat anxiety related disorders but as anxiety is not a typical physical ailment it is not very advisable to use antibiotics or the pills and medicines. In this article we present before you a list of safe non-drug methods that you can adopt to cure anxiety. These are absolutely safe and can be used on any age group and gender.

List Of Ways To Treat Anxiety

Drink Chamomile Tea

When ever you feel that you are having an outburst of anxiety, you  can prepare a wonderful tea using Chamomile.

Chamomile Tea

It has been found that certain compounds present in chamomile  can bind to the brain receptors just  like the drug Valium. So if you don’t want to take any medicine simply prepare a cup of tea using  Chamomile leaves and stay calm.

Prepare Green Tea

Green tea is another way to relax a perturbed mind. Green tea has many anti oxidants that cools a disturbed mind. These anti oxidants will help in reducing an elevated heart rate and blood pressure level.

Green Tea

The only negative point is that you cannot help yourself with one cup of tea . You need at least four to five cups in a day to relax your disturbed state of mind.

Take Valerian Capsules

There are many herbal ways to cure anxiety. Herbs are always better than medicines becase tehy caus eless damage to teh body. For anxiety you can take capsules or tablets containing Valerian. Capsules is a better mode to take this herb as it smells a little awful if taken raw.

Rub Lemon Balm On Your Forehead

If you feel that you are feeling restless or anxious you can rub an ointment made of lemon balm  extracts. This will have a cooling effect on your head and help you to relax.

Lemon Balm

However you should be careful not to rub too much of it around your forehead as it cause over anxiousness. You can also take tea made of lemon balm.

Do exercises

Exercises help in improving blood circulation in your body. When you get over anxious your nerves feel the strain and you tend to take in less oxygen. Because  of this the rate of blood circulation goes down making you feel miserable.


So if you feel like this, you can start some light exercises like stretching or play a game. You can also go for dancing if you want to. You can also practice some breathing exercises. The main idea is to help your body calm down.

Go For Meditation


Meditation helps in relaxing the mind. There is probably no other better non-drug way to soothe a disturbed mind other than meditation. Learn to practice meditation and you will notice the difference.

Go For Aroma Therapy Massages

Aroma Therapy

You can also go for aroma therapy massages using different essential oils. This treatment focuses directly in your strained area.

Caution: Please use Home Remedies after Proper Research and Guidance. You accept that you are following any advice at your own risk and will properly research or consult healthcare professional.

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