Useful Facts And Benefits Of Garlic

Garlic is an herb of the onion family. Its bulb consists of six to thirty five pods called cloves that are enclosed in a thick white, glistening and transparent covering. Garlic is a rich source of proteins, minerals like phosphorous, magnesium, calcium, iron, thiamine, riboflavin, niacin and vitamin C. It also contains fibre, carbohydrates and traces of iodine, sulphur and chlorine.

Benefits Of Garlic

Garlic is anti fungal, anti viral, anti bacterial and blood purifier. It is a useful herb for treating


The anti inflammatory properties of garlic help to cure rheumatism and other types of joint pains like arthritis or gout. Its oil is used for massaging the painful joints. To treat arthritis boil two pods of garlic in 250 grams of milk and take this decoction once a day for 6 weeks.

Digestive Disorders

Garlic is a gastric stimulant, it aids digestion and absorption of food and acts as an anti flatulent. It stimulates the movement of the intestines and the secretion of digestive juices. It is an excellent remedy for stomach infections and intestinal disorders.


Garlic has been found to be an effective remedy in reducing the severity of asthmatic attacks. Garlic juice helps to dissolve the mucus in sinus cavities and lungs. One pod of garlic may be roasted and eaten with a little salt twice a day for treating asthma.

High Blood Pressure

Garlic is one of the most beneficial remedies for lowering blood pressure. It reduces pressure and tension and slows down the pulse. It also controls dizziness, shortness of breath and gas formation. 2-3 cloves of garlic should be taken with warm water every day in morning to keep the blood pressure under control.

Heart Disease

It has been discovered that garlic has the power to prevent a heart attack. Garlic contains the properties to control cholesterol level and helps to prevent the hardening of arteries. If you have suffered a heart attack then daily use of garlic can reduce the chances of another attack to a large extent.

Whooping Cough

Garlic is very beneficial for all kinds of cough especially whooping cough. If the cough attacks are frequent and severe then 5 drops of garlic syrup should be taken two to three times a day. Soak 5 almonds overnight, peel and grind them with one clove of garlic and mishri and take it in morning.

Skin Disorders

Blood purifying properties of garlic help to cure many kinds of skin disorders like acne, pimples and boils etc. Garlic can be used externally to remove pimples by rubbing a raw garlic pod on the affected area 2- 3 times a day. People with a sensitive skin should be careful while applying garlic juice as it may cause inflammation of the skin.

Garlic should be eaten every day to purify the blood and cleanse the system.Care should be taken while using garlic as it is strong and acidic in nature. To reduce the unpleasant odour of garlic you can soak it in water or butter milk for a few hours before use.

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