6 Herbal Remedies To Combat Cough And Cold


6 Herbal Remedies To Combat Cough And Cold

Your kitchen is like a pharmacy. It is stacked with spices and herbs that can help counter ailments. We can tell you how this one can help you stay healthy and combat against cold and cough.

1.Jaiphal (Nutmeg) For Cough And Cold

It has many health benefits and it is an important herb in Ayurveda. Jaiphal contain a compound called myristicin which helps clear the respiratory passage. Rub a nutmeg (jaiphal) on a flat grinding stone by add a little cow’s milk to make a smooth paste. Apply this paste on your forehead and nose for instant relief.


2. Ajwain For Cough And Cold

Ajwain is a very old and well known Ayurvedic spice. Ajwain is considered to be the main source of thymol. Ajwain with its germicide and antiseptic properties turn out to be a boon for patients suffering from cough and cold. To counter congestion and stuffy nose, take a muslin cloth and tie some crushed ajwain seeds in it and inhale frequently. Take one glass of warm water and chew ajwain along with it and see how fast your cough disappears.


3. Betel leaves (Paan) For Cough And Cold

Betel leaves contain many health benefits, curative and healing properties. Recent studies have found that betel leaves contains an essential oil that contains a phenol called as chavicol that has potential antiseptic properties. To get relieved from cough inhale the steam of water boiled with betel leaves, at the same time gargling would also give instant relief. • Soak the leaves in warm Take 3-4 tsp of mustard oil and soak the crushed betel leaves in it. Apply this oil on the chest for relief from cold and chest congestion.

Betel leaves

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4. Turmeric For Cough And Cold

Turmeric is a only one of its kind and powerful herb with multiple medicinal properties. Research has proven that the substance found in turmeric is very powerful in keeping your cough at bay Take a ¼ tsp of turmeric powder in warm milk before going to bed. Gargle with warm water mixed with pinch of turmeric and salt this will give you instant relief from cough and throat pain. Bodies that react to seasonal changes with the flu, coughs, and running noses, are immediately controlled with turmeric and honey mixed to soothe and to cure.


5. Basil (Tulsi) For Cough And Cold

Basil is well known for its incredible medicinal properties since ages, it is used to treat chronic and acute cough, cold, bronchitis etc undoubtedly.Take a teaspoon of basil leaves juice and mix with honey to get instant relief from cough and cold . Take 8-10 leaves of basil and about 1 glass of water, boil the concoction till the water remains almost half of it. Add rock salt and drink warm for at least 2-3 times a day for a better relief from acute cough and cold.Dinking Basil tea is also a good option for instant relief from cough and cold.


6. Thyme For Cough And Cold

Thyme is great remedy for cough. Thymol, a major constituent of thyme’s volatile oil, has proven its medicinal properties and is helpful in the treatment of bronchial coughs, laryngitis, and whooping cough. Drink a hot tea of thyme or a mixture of thyme and plantain. Drink a small amount of water with a few drops of thyme tincture.Please note: Do not use thyme oil as a home remedy. Even a few teaspoonfuls can be toxic.


Caution: Please use Home Remedies after Proper Research and Guidance. You accept that you are following any advice at your own risk and will properly research or consult healthcare professional.