8 Home Cures For Common Cold

Common Cold

Common cold is a commonly seen disease and it is found to occur more repeatedly than any other diseases. Common cold is not a serious ailment but it can create a lot of discomfort and difficulty in the normal life.

It is caused due to the inflammation of upper side of respiratory tract. Common cold lasts for 5 to 7 days and this period is different in different individuals. Bouts of cold are mostly related to the person’s immunity.

It is one of the air borne diseases and may get spread by even merely touching the objects used by an infected person. Common cold can be cured completely by following any of the succeeding remedies for the same.

Causes Of Common Cold

Being a viral infection, common cold is caused mainly due to the exposure to a particular virus namely rhinoviruses. The attack of this disease may also depend upon the health of the person as well as ecological factors.

In some cases, common cold may be caused due to lack of sleep, dejection and reduced vitality. Rapid changes in the temperatures can result in common cold which is one of the common reasons for the attack of the disease.

Symptoms Of Common Cold

Stinging effect in the throat is one of the major symptoms of common cold and it creates a lot of difficulties while swallowing and even while talking. Blocks in the nasal passages can be considered as the main symptom for the common cold.

The infected person may have the problem of running nose which is a main symptom for common cold. Headache and sneezing can be noticed in a person infected with common cold and is an important sign for the disease. Resultant indications like weariness can be also noticed in some cases of infection.

8 Home Remedies For Common Cold

1. Lemon is proved to be the best medicine among other home medicines for the common cold infection. Lemon juice can help in increasing the resistance power as it is rich in vitamin C.


It can also help in reducing the toxicity plus the period of the infection. Juice of one lemon can be mixed in about 200 ml of warm water and can be taken along with a little amount of honey. This infusion can be used at least two times daily for the better results of the treatment.

2. Garlic is an ancient home cure for common cold infection. A soup can be made freshly by boiling two to three pounded garlic cloves. Due to the antiseptic actions of garlic, it is found to be advantageous in the treatment for common cold as well as several other diseases.


An infusion can be prepared by mixing about 1 ml of garlic oil and 5 ml of onion juice in a cup of water. This solution can be taken two to three times every day for the good results of treatment.

3. Ginger is another effective remedy for the common cold infection. A decoction can be made by boiling 12 grams of finely chopped ginger in about 200 ml of water for 5 minutes.


This can be drunk along with a teaspoon of sugar which is very beneficial in curing the disease. Ginger tea is also valuable in the cure of common cold. It can be prepared by adding ginger paste to the boiling water earlier than adding tea leaves.

4. Lady’s finger is useful in the treatment of common cold and is one of the commonly used remedy for the same. Being rich in mucilage, lady’s finger is beneficial in relieving from throat pain, dry cough and swellings. An infusion can be prepared by boiling about 100 grams of chopped lady’s fingers in 500 ml of pure water.

Lady’s finger

This infusion can be taken in small amounts daily which is effective in curing throat irritations. Steam coming out while preparing the decoction can be inhaled for one or two minute which is also helpful in the treatment of the same.

5. Turmeric is very efficient in healing the common cold infection. A blend of ½ a teaspoon of turmeric dust in a cup of warm milk can be taken once in a day for curing common cold infection.


Inhaling the smoke from burning turmeric is considered helpful in the treatment of running nose as it can increase the discharge and can provide a relief from the same.

6. Roots of bitter gourd are an excellent home cure for the infection of common cold. One teaspoon each of bitter gourd paste and honey can be mixed well and then can be consumed daily before sleeping. Holy basil juice can be also used instead of honey which is more beneficial n the treatment of the disease.


7. A mixture of tamarind and pepper can be regarded as an important remedy for the common cold infection. About 50 mg of fresh tamarind can be diluted in a cup of water and then can be boiled for 10 minutes along with half teaspoon each of butter and black pepper. This combination can be drunk thrice a day which is very effective in curing the problem of nasal blockages.

Cumin seeds

8. Cumin seeds are excellent in the treatment of common cold. Cumin seeds are found to be effective in curing both fever as well as throat irritations and pains. Chewing a few fresh leaves of holy basil are helpful in the treatment of common cold infection. Another herb, namely Bishop’s weed is effective in healing the nasal blockages especially in children.

Tips To Be Followed

Having hot vegetable soups can be regarded as very valuable in curing the infection. Food items like cheese, yogurt etc. should be avoided from the daily diet of the infected person as these food items are hard to be digested.


Taking hot and freshly cooked food items can be considered useful in curing the disease at faster rate. Taking a walk in the fresh atmosphere can be helpful in the treatment. The patients should also take enough rest which will be beneficial in curing the disease at a faster rate. The infected persons should try to avoid going near infants and children as the disease may get spread very easily.

Caution: Please use Home Remedies after Proper Research and Guidance. You accept that you are following any advice at your own risk and will properly research or consult healthcare professional.