Natural Cure For Cancer

CancerCancer is a disease characterized by uncontrollable cell growth that harms the body by forming lumps or masses called tumors. If not detected at an early stage, they spread to other parts of the body and eventually lead to death.

The traditional cancer treatment uses invasive methods like surgically removing the tumors, injecting chemicals for killing the cancer cells and radiation therapy and chemotherapy to poison the cancer cells.

These treatments are very painful and cause severe side effects. These treatment techniques offer limited hope to cancer patient and also impact the patient’s quality of life. While traditional treatments are at a standstill, natural cures for cancer are providing new alternative and a holistic approach for treating cancer.

Certain precautionary measures, a balanced lifestyle, specific diet, exercise, herbs, juicing and detoxification can activate the immune system to fight against cancer cells.

Natural Remedies for Cancer

Dietary Alterations

Natural cures for cancer are based on the belief that cellular malfunctions are caused due to weakened immune system. Our body has the mechanism that has the ability to repair itself and function properly, until this natural mechanism is damaged or weakened.

Dietary Alterations

When our diet lacks nutrition, it drains the body of vitamins and minerals that the body needs to repair itself. For a successful anti-cancer healing strategy, you need to feed your body with proper nutrients and pure water.

The effectiveness of cancer treatment largely depends on your diet. It is important to know which foods assist in healing cancer, and which food aggravated growth of cancer cells and can interfere with the treatment.

Foods That Need To Be Eliminated

Refined sugar is believed to strengthen the cancer cells.  Various studies have linked refined flour, trans-fatty acids and sugar laden food to cancer.

Processed food, all mucus forming foods, carbonated beverages, alcohol, coffee, chlorine and fluoride should also be avoided because they all fall into the category that can contribute to cancer growth and interfere with healing. Consumption of animal protein should also be restricted. If not possible, lean protein and fish should be taken in moderation.

Foods to be Included

A cancer patient should have nutrient rich diet that can enhance the process of healing. Fruits and vegetables contain properties that inhibit the growth of cancer by strengthening the immune system, cleansing the body and also aid in repairing.

Vegetables and fruits that are highly beneficial include cruciferous vegetables like broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower, green leafy vegetables, tomatoes, mushroom, carrots, berries and dark grapes etc.

Vegetables and fruits

For example: Broccoli contain phytochemical, that can fight cancer cells. The anti-oxidant and enzymes contained in these vegetables help to detoxify the body. Similarly, proanthocyanidins contained in grapes aid in reducing the body’s estrogen production and aids in healing prostrate, colon, lung and breast cancer.

Proponents of natural cures also suggest eating 80% raw foods because they help in fighting cancer cells by creating an alkaline environment and also ensure sufficient supply of enzymes to speed up the healing process. Beans and legumes are rich in fibres and other nutrients.

They should be consumed in moderation. Consumption of soybean has been found beneficial for cancer patients as it contains phytoestogen that inhibit cancerous cell from using estrogens. Isoflavones contained in soybean helps to prevent growth of cancer cells at an early stage. For cooking food, unheated olive oil or flax oil should be used.

Although  oil derived from nuts, seeds and whole foods contain essential fatty acids which is needed for oxygenation of cells, yet cancer patients should  keep their consumption to a minimum as they can slow down digestion and may speed up tumour growth when taken in high amounts.


Herbal treatment for cancer has been in use for centuries. Use of herbs usually does far less damage and has little or no side effects on the body than traditional treatment like radiation and chemotherapy. Herbal treatment focuses on self healing and curing the root cause, instead of targeting the affected area. Given below are few of the most highly recommended natural healing herbs for cancer.

garlic and ginger

Garlic contains great immune boosting properties that can help fighting cancer. Its antibiotic properties can help fight skin cancer. Ginseng helps in body’s ability to fight infection by enhancing its resistance power. Myrrh is an anti-inflammatory, anti fungal anti-bacterial herb. It promotes resistance against cancer cells.

Drinking lemongrass tea can help to fight cancer. Astragalus helps to restrict cancer growth by shrinking the tumors. Acai Berry works to build a healthy immune system and fight cancer. It can be consumed in the form of pills, juice or berry. Green tea contains anti-inflammatory properties and helps in building a healthy immune system.

It has been found effective in treating prostate, liver, breast, skin and pancreatic cancer. Echinacea is an anti-viral herb that not only helps to fight cold and flu but also helps your body to fight cancer. Thyme is another herb beneficial for cancer treatment. This herb is rich in vitamin A. Ground flax seed or flax seed oil is packed with omega 3 fatty acids and can help in boosting the immune system.

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We all know that juices can provide vitamin and nutrients to our body. Fresh juice of fruits and vegetables are highly beneficial for cancer patients. Fruit juices obtained from apple, cherries, banana, mango and berries will boost the immune system and make the patient strong enough to fight cancer.


Exercise can benefit every one, even cancer patients.  No doubt cancer patients at advance stage are often asked by their doctors to take complete rest, but some newer researches have revealed that exercise is not only safe for cancer patients; it also helps to reduce the symptoms and improve their quality of life by lessening fatigue that usually does not go away with rest.


Exercise can help reduce the risk of depression and anxiety, muscle weakening, blood clot and heart disease in cancer patients.


Environmental toxins slow down the healing process. So for holistic healing of cancer, the removal of metabolic wastes and accumulated toxin is very important. So adopt a cleansing procedure after consulting your health care provider to rid the body off stored toxins. All these lifestyle changes can help to improve the well being of cancer patients.

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