Natural Cure For Ovarian Cancer

Natural Cure For Ovarian Cancer Ovarian cancer is quite a broad term, which refers to a number of different types of cancer in the ovary. Microscopically there are 20 distinct types of ovarian cancer. According to researches one out of 57 women suffer from ovarian cancer, thus it cannot be taken flippantly.

Although diagnosis of ovarian cancer is a bit difficult in the early stages, but if proper treatment is taken, it can be cured completely. Fortunately a huge number of treatments are available for treating ovarian cancer; one preferred treatment is a natural cure for ovarian cancer. These are preferred as these do not have any side-effects and there are a number of people who got completely cured with the help of these natural remedies.

Effective Natural Cure for Ovarian Cancer


Known to destroy cancerous cells, it is a very effective treatment. According to researches, ginger makes your body hot and cancerous cells cannot flourish in hot environments. It contains antioxidants and cancer fighting agents, thus should be taken on a daily basis. Ginger leads to the death of the cancer cells at the same pace as it is with chemotherapy treatment.


Isoflavones rich food such as soy products and red clover, prevents the spreading of cancerous cells. These also reduce the toxic effects of chemotherapy or radiations, which are given for treating cancer. Isoflavones will also help to flush out the toxins from the body.

Shiitake Mushrooms

Natural Cure For Ovarian Cancer

In Japan, Shiitake Mushroom is the approved form of cancer therapy. It works by hindering the growth of cancer cells in the body. Thus, if cancer is diagnosed at early stages and Shiitake mushroom is taken regularly it can be completely cured.


It is a powerful anticancer compound, commonly found in green peppers. It does not allow cancerous cells to grow in the ovaries, if taken regularly.

The Budwig Diet

This diet got its name from a cancer expert Dr. Johanna Budwig. According to him, there are very few phosphatides and lipoproteins in the blood of the cancer patients and if the quantity of these is increased, cancer can be cured. Thus, food rich in phosphates and Lipoproteins should be included in the diet.

Vitamin K

Natural Cure For Ovarian Cancer


According to researches vitamin K has the properties to shrink or stop the growth of the cancerous cells. It is highly effective when taken with vitamin C. Dark green and deep yellow vegetable are rich source of Vitamin K.

Espinheira Santa

A shrubby evergreen tree found in South America and Southern Brazil is being used by tribes in those areas for many years. It has a number of medicinal properties and specifically is very effective in decreasing the growth of ovarian tumors.

Green Tea

Natural Cure For Ovarian Cancer

Green tea contains catechins, which deactivate plasmin. Plasmin is actually responsible for spreading tumor, as green tea deactivates plasmin thus tumor cannot grow further.


A fat soluble pigment present in red, orange and green fruits and vegetables. These are very effective in hindering the growth of cancerous cells. Being so effective in ovarian cancer, these are sometimes referred as an influential substitute for chemotherapy treatment for ovarian cancer.

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