Natural Ways To Treat Ovarian Cancer

When it comes to cancer treatment, most of us do not even take a second glance at natural treatment methods. But the truth is that there are many out there who have been completely cured of ovarian cancer with the help of only natural methods of treatment.

Ovarian Cancer

Natural medicine has the great advantage of being able to protect your general health and immunity and provide the best possible cure for any disease without any side effects.

Ovarian cancer is known to affect one in 57 women and hence cannot be taken lightly. The disease has very confusing symptoms which make early diagnosis a difficult proposition. If you are in search of natural medicines for ovarian cancer, take a look at these wonderful treatments.

Natural Ways to Treat Ovarian Cancer

Budwig Diet

The Budwig Diet, found by Dr Johanna Budwig works on the theory that sufficient quantities of lipoproteins and phospatides have the power to ward off incidents of cancer and also work on the destruction of cancer cells when faced with the disease.

This conclusion was brought about by the finding that many people who have cancer have insufficient quantities of lipoproteins and phospatides in their diet.  Quark and flax seeds can be included in the diet to combat the deficiency of these nutrients.

Budwig Diet


Researchers suggest that women who are exposed to adequate sunlight have less chances of developing ovarian cancer. Calcium and vitamin D deficiencies are associated with ovarian cancer and sunlight is a great source of vitamin D which can help in removing a number of problems related to bone density. Make sure that you expose yourself to sunlight as often as you can to remain healthy and cancer free.

Sunlight Expose

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Ginger makes the body hot and cancer cells cannot thrive in hot environments. Ginger is also anti inflammatory in nature and helps in destroying as well as preventing all kinds of cancer of the body, let alone ovarian cancer. Taking ginger on a daily basis will help you remain healthy and free from cancer.

For treatment of ovarian cancer, crush ginger and take 3 times a day as tea or as it is.  You can also extract the juice from ginger and mix it with olive or coconut oil and massage in the abdominal region every day for better absorption.



Food that is rich in isoflavones like soy products and red clover can reduce the toxic effects of the radiation and chemotherapy treatment. Isoflavones block the signal transmission between cancerous cells in the body and prevent the spread of cancer cells.

Soy products can be added to your diet while taking radiation and chemotherapy to flush out the toxins and supplements can be added along with the treatment for speedy recovery..

soy food

Shiitake Mushrooms

Shiitake mushrooms are known to inhibit cancer cells in the body. Though this is not supported by research, shiitake extract are an approved form of cancer therapy in Japan and many people have found them o be tremendously beneficial for reducing the effects of cancer in their body. Capsules and extracts are available for consumption.

Shiitake Mushrooms


Caution: Please use Home Remedies after Proper Research and Guidance. You accept that you are following any advice at your own risk and will properly research or consult healthcare professional.