Effective Alternative Treatment For Cancer

cancer treatment The word “Cancer” is used to describe the medical condition that results due to the uncontrolled division of cells that leads to the formation of tumours. This medical condition can occur in any parts of the body and when malignant, it becomes incurable and result in death of the sufferer.

The conventional means of treating cancer includes the application of chemotherapy, radiation along with medicines. These treatments cause some damaging side effects like loss of hair, appetite, vision etc. This is the main cause why people are looking for alternative treatment of cancer. A number of alternative cancer treatments have been suggested which have to some extent helped in inhibiting the unnatural growth of the cancer cells as well as has relieved the patients from the side effects caused by the conventional means of treatment of cancer.

Some of the most common forms of alternative cancer treatment that are available for use are herbal medicines, acupuncture, aromatherapy, nutritional therapy and homeopathy. These treatments have been found to be fruitful when practised along with exercise, biofeedback and adequate rest.

Some of the popular alternate cancer treatment therapies are discussed in paragraphs below.

Acupuncture For Cancer

The most favourable treatment for cancer is its early diagnosis and operation to remove the malignant portion. In case of late diagnosis, the role of acupuncture is subjective to relief from pain and the side effects of the treatment. It is effective in controlling pain, shortening haematoma as well as minimizing the use of medications. The branch that has reported to have the highest efficiency in treatment of cancer is energetic acupuncture.  This is a form of local heating with herbs that manifests in patients a sense of relief and well being. In this case needles are used along with electricity and certain herbal extracts.

A recent research conducted by the students of University of Los Angeles School of medicine has concluded that, there has been subsequent reduction in the nausea and vomiting tendency of patients, who had to go through chemotherapy for cancer treatment. The journal reported that patients who were given acupuncture prior and in between two sessions of chemotherapy, showed marked reduction in the side effects produced by the radiation.

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This alternative treatment for cancer includes needling some specific trigger points, stimulation of the subcutaneous nerve with the help of electricity as well as energy support for the whole body with acupuncture. These are some of the common approaches imbibed by the treatment.

The treatment is based on the principle that a disorder or chronic disease reduces the energy content of the body and thereby its immune system. This can be enhanced by supplying the body with some external energy. This is thought to be essential to ensure that the body is able to sustain the pain and gets relief. Patient’s sense of well being also gets enhanced allowing the reduction of the malaise that accompanies the critical disease.

Herbal Treatment Of Cancer

A number of herbs have been found to have some astounding effects on cancerous tumours. Some of the important and efficient herbs are discussed below.

Dandelion is a Chinese herb that goes by the name of Pu Gong Ying. This herb has been found to be effective on lumps and abscesses. It has been successfully used to reduce breast lumps as well as sarcomas. The effectiveness of Dandelion extracts gets enhanced when they are applied externally as well as taken at regular intervals. The herb is thought to prove effective as it stimulates the liver function that helps to neutralize the estrogens levels in the blood let out by the cancer cells.

Honeysuckle is a herb that contains high concentrations of saponins, flavones and other alkaloids. These ingredients stimulate the immunity power of the body cells and help them to fight cancer infection. With an anti-inflammatory effect, Honeysuckles are known to have a positive effect in reducing symptoms of lung cancer.

Astragalus is a common component found in the medicines which are used to fight cancer and its symptoms. It has a strong effect in enhancing the immune system of the body.

Nutritional Therapy For Cancer

Clinical tests have confirmed the importance and effectiveness of proper and balanced nutrition in enhancing the prognosis of cancer. As such various approaches have been suggested to enhance the nutritional status of cancer patients.

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 N-3 or omega 3 polyunsaturated fatty acids have been found to have a reducing effect on the inflammatory symptoms of the cancerous cells. Fish oil is a prominent weapon used in fighting pancreatic cancer. Protein content needs to be increased for reducing the pathogenic activities of the cancer cells.

Fresh vegetables and fruits have been recommended for improvement in the symptoms of cancer.

Homeopathy For Cancer

Homeopathic treatment is based on the concept of ‘like kills like’. When treating cancer patients, Homeopaths look to stimulate the resistance power of the body while focussing on aspects that would help to reduce the pain and enhance the energy levels of the body. The alternative treatment is also used to treat the side effects that accompany the conventional treatments of the critical disease.

Losses of hair, nausea, vomit, loss of appetite, hot flashes are some of the common symptoms which are treated with the help of Homeopathy. Since homeopathic medicines are extracted from the plants, animals and minerals they are natural with least additional side effects.

Aromatherapy For Cancer

Another form of Ayurvedic alternative treatment is aromatherapy. Practitioners in this case use herbal oils and essences for massaging and relief from stress, pain and nausea. The oils are used to relax the muscles and the nerve ends that might get damaged due to radiation treatment.

While the popularity of alternative treatment for cancer is growing, the fact still remains that these therapies can prove beneficial only when the disease is at its initial stage. The therapies and treatments are also helpful in enhancing the prognosis of cancer. Once the infection manifests in the human body, chemo therapy is the best available option. The use of alternative treatment gets limited in helping to find relief from the painful side effects of the conventional therapy.

Caution: Please use Home Remedies after Proper Research and Guidance. You accept that you are following any advice at your own risk and will properly research or consult healthcare professional.