How To Use Clay For Body Detox And Great Skin

Clay For Body Detox And Great Skin

Clay is a natural remedy for skin problems. It contains minerals as well as organic matter that heal the skin. Clay can also be used for detoxifying the body and removing harmful toxins and waste matter from the body. We are exposed to many types of toxins and pollutants present in air and atmosphere. It leads to dryness of skin and other problems like signs of aging. The environment around us makes the skin red and irritated. All these skin problems can be treated by using clay. It eliminates toxins from skin and makes it healthy and disease free. It is important to know the uses of clay for detox and skin. Clay can be used internally and externally both. We will give some tips for this.

Following Are Some Tips On How To Use Clay For Body Detox And Great Skin:

Take Clay Footbath

Taking footbath with clay helps in getting rid of toxins from the feet and legs. Fill a tub with water. Mix bentonite clay in water. Mix well so that the clay is dissolved properly. Dip the feet in this water for some time. It will absorb toxins from skin and remove it.

Take Clay Footbath

Use Clay Poultice

Bentonite poultice helps in treating mastitis. For making the poultice, you need to spread bentonite clay on cloth. The cloth should be slightly wet. Apply the poultice on affected areas of skin. It will heal the mastitis infection.

Use Clay Poultice

Use Clay Mask

Using a clay mask on skin helps in healing cuts, blemishes, eczema and psoriasis. You can make the mask by mixing clay with little amount of water. Apply the mixture on skin on the face like a face mask and leave it. Wash the skin after some time when the mask has become dry.

Clay Mask

Consume Clay Water

For internal detoxification of the body, you can consume bentonite clay. Mix half-teaspoon clay powder with one-cup water. Stir and shake well so that clay is mixed well. Consume the drink. It will improve the digestion while removing toxins from the body.

Consume Clay Water

Take White Clay Bath

Taking bath with white clay is very good for the skin. Mix white clay with sea salt. To this, you should mix little amount of borax. Mix essential oil with this. Put the mixture on cloth and keep aside so that it becomes dry. Mix the dried mixture with bathwater. Take bath with this water and soak the body in it. The skin will become healthy.

White Clay Bath

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