7 Incredible Ways In Which Oats Helps In Weight Loss

Incredible Ways In Which Oats Helps In Weight Loss

Some people say it’s the latest dieting fad, but doing an in-depth analysis reveals the various weight loss benefits oatmeal has. Oatmeal is being considered as the best cereal for weight loss and people are incorporating it into their diets as a healthy way to lose weight and add minerals to the body.

We Will Now Explore Why And How To Eat Oats For Weight Loss:

Low In Fat

Oats are low-fat foods and contain heart healthy fats and we can cut down the fat content of the meal by not using oats that contain artificial flavorings. Also, using water instead of milk, in your serving of oats, helps in reducing its fat content and avoid using butter and cream for the toppings to make your bowl of oats more healthy.

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Oatmeal is a low-calorie breakfast and we can make it healthy by using a healthy combination. Instead of using a maple syrup or an artificial sugary flavor, fresh fruits can be added. These fruits should preferably be rich in fibers like strawberries, cranberries, blueberries or blackberries. These are low in calories and naturally sweet and hence, the body is not loaded with extra calories.


Keeps The Stomach Full

Eating a bowl of oatmeal keeps the stomach satiated for longer than eating a similar amount of another food item. People who eat oats for breakfast are able to go for longer hours without eating as they do not feel hungry. Research shows that oats are more filling than bread, cereal and even eggs. To make the meal more filling, we can mix in an egg white while cooking the oats.

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High Fiber Content

A rich high fiber content food like oats is easy to digest. Fibrous foods facilitate more burning of calories during digestion and hence help in weight loss. The fiber content stimulates better bowel movements and relieves the body of constipation and a good digestive system leads to better weight loss. It can be combined with other fibrous cereals, flaxseeds or chia seeds which are heart healthy and also keep the system full.

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Add Spices

Adding a dash of ginger, cinnamon, nutmeg, or cloves to a bowl of oats helps in facilitating the fat burning process. These spices are naturally hot and hence when they are consumed they stimulate the digestive system also help in cutting the fats.

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Add Probiotics

Adding yogurt or honey adds probiotic value to the oats and the enzymes they add to the gut helps in the digestion process. These are low-fat foods and the good bacteria help in burning the calories that can lead to weight loss.

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Use Plain Oats

Always use unflavored plain oats so that they do not contain any extra added sugars or flavorings. These are laced with sweetness and chemicals that add extra calories to the diet. Plain oats are healthy, fibrous, and of course, fat burning!

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