How To Lose Double Chin Without Chin Liposuction

Lose Double Chin Without Chin Liposuction

Double chin is a common problem in which fat is deposited in chin and hangs below this area so that it seems as if there is double chin. The extra fat in this area makes the face look very fatty. Obesity and sedentary lifestyle are the main causes of double chin. The elasticity of skin becomes less making it sagged and loose. This leads to extra layer of fat in the chin. The medical treatment for this problem is liposuction surgery. The surgery is expensive and some people may not like to undergo the treatment. Double chin can be treated without liposuction also. The problem can be treated by doing exercises and losing weight. We will explain some ways of fighting double chin naturally.

Following Are Some Tips On How To Lose Double Chin Without Chin Liposuction:

Use Wheat Gem Oil

Wheat germ oil can help you in getting rid of double chin. Massage the chin area with extra fat with this oil. Do the massage for at least ten minutes. You can do this at night before going to sleep. Wash the skin with water when you wake up next day.

Use Wheat Gem Oil

Do Chin Lift Exercise

Doing chin lift exercise can reduce the double chin. For this, you need to stand straight. Lift the chin upwards trying to see the roof. Do kissing movement with lips. Repeat the movement several times. This exercise will make the face muscles tight helping in reducing the double chin.

Do Chin Lift Exercise

Use Cocoa Butter

You can also fight double chin with the help of cocoa butter. Use it for massaging the neck and chin area. It increases blood circulation in neck region while improving skin elasticity. This helps in decreasing fat from double chin area.

Cocoa Butter

Do Neck Rolling Exercise

Neck rolling exercise is very effective in fighting the problem of double chin. Stand straight. Take the head sideways so that you are seeing the side. Bend the head downwards and take it to the other side in a rolling movement. Do this ten times.

Do Neck Rolling Exercise

Lose Weight

Weight gain and obesity lead to double chin. It is easy to treat the problem by losing weight. This can be done by doing regular exercises and increasing physical activities. Instead of sitting all day, move the body more and more. This will help in losing overall weight from the whole body thus also reducing the double chin.


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