How To Fight Cavities And Tooth Decay Naturally

How To Fight Cavities And Tooth Decay Naturally

Cavities in teeth are a common dental problem that affects many people. The condition is treated medically by a dentist by filling the teeth after drilling it. The condition occurs when there is tooth decay. Poor eating habits and eating sugary foods causes tooth decay. A western diet and processed foods can lead to cavities. Deficiency of minerals can also cause this problem. Tooth decay causes pain in teeth especially while you are consuming foods and drinks. The tooth becomes sensitive to foods. Apart from dental treatment, you can also treat cavities with natural methods. Making dietary changes and taking care of dental health can prevent cavities from forming. Natural remedies are safe and don’t cause any side effect. We will explain some natural ways to prevent and treat cavities.

Following Are Some Tips On How To Fight Cavities And Tooth Decay Naturally:

Do Brushing And Flossing

Proper dental hygiene and care plays an important role in preventing formation of cavities. Brush the teeth two times daily after waking up in morning and before sleeping at night. Brush the teeth after eating sweet things. Also, do flossing daily.


Eat Fibrous Vegetables

You can prevent cavities by eating fibrous vegetables. These veggies contain fiber, which helps in mineralization of teeth by increasing the production of saliva in the mouth. Thus, you should eat fiber-containing vegetables like carrots, spinach and broccoli.

Well Cooked Vegetables

Take Coconut Oil

Include coconut oil in your diet. The oil has antiseptic properties, which prevents cavities by stopping the growth of bacteria in mouth. Thus, use coconut boil for cooking food.

Coconut oil

Avoid Foods With Phytic Acid

Some foods like grains contain high amounts of phytic acid. These foods increase the risk of cavities. You should avoid foods that have phytic acid. It will prevent cavity formation in the teeth. Don’t eat beans and nuts.


Avoid Snacks

If you have a habit of taking snacks in between two meals, it will lead to cavities. Snacks contain acids that damage the teeth. Avoid taking snacks. It will protect the teeth from damage while helping in repairing the damaged enamel.

junk food with healthy food or snacks

Take Low Sugar Foods

Eating sugary foods like chocolates and candies is the leading cause of dental problems like cavities. Avoid such foods. You can prevent cavities by taking low or no sugar. Don’t add sugar to foods you take. Avoid sugary drinks like colas and soft drinks.

Take Low Sugar Foods

Avoid Starchy Foods

Apart from sugary foods, foods that contain starch are also harmful for teeth. Such foods can lead to cavity formation. Avoid eating sweet potato and other foods that have starch in it. You can make the teeth healthy by eating veggies that contain minerals.

Rice And Cereal Along With Other Starchy Foods

Take Calcium Rich Foods

Calcium is an important constituent of teeth. Deficiency of calcium in the diet can lead to dental problems like cavities. You can prevent this problem by taking foods that contain calcium. Dairy foods like milk and yogurt are the best sources of calcium. You can also eat cheese. Some non-dairy foods like spinach and kale contain calcium. Include these foods in your diet.

Calcium Rich Foods

Take Cod Liver Oil

It is beneficial to take cod liver oil for preventing and controlling the problem of cavities in teeth. The oil contains important vitamins like Vitamin A and K that make the teeth healthy and strong. These vitamins are healthy for teeth as they are fat-soluble.

Cod Liver Oil

Use Fluoride

Use products that contain fluoride. It will help in protecting the teeth from cavities and tooth decay. Apart from using fluoride toothpaste, you can use other products that contain fluoride like gels, tablets and mouth rinse.

Use Fluoride

Caution: Please use Home Remedies after Proper Research and Guidance. You accept that you are following any advice at your own risk and will properly research or consult healthcare professional.

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