Usefulness Of Biotin For Stronger And Fuller Hair Growth

Growing hairBiotin is one of the most effective vitamins for hair growth, but it does not promote new hair growth rather enhances the roots and follicles of growing hairs to produce thicker, healthier and voluminous hair. Therefore, biotin may not re-grow hair on scalp that has been bald for many years, but is useful for those suffering from mild to moderate form of alopecia.

Biotin reduces the probability of hair breakage and as a result hair tends to grow longer. Consistent and long term use of biotin results in healthier follicles and roots, which give rise to fuller and stronger hair. The best part is that biotin is safe to use, even in high doses for majority of the people. If used properly, biotin offers tremendous benefits that outweigh the little risks that may appear in some cases, on prolonged use of several months. Moreover, it is a relatively inexpensive way of growing healthier hair.

Biotin For Stronger And Fuller Hair Growth

Right Dosage Of Biotin For Hair Growth

Adults require only 30 micrograms of biotin from a well balanced and nutritional diet on daily basis, for maintaining healthy hair, nails and skin. But for those, who use it to improve hair growth and prevent hair shedding, need it in much higher doses. For healthy hair growth, biotin is recommended to be used between 500 to 700 mg every day and at times, may be advised to consume 1000 micrograms of biotin, on daily basis.

Dosage Of Biotin

Dosage higher than this is not advised and those who go for very high doses do not show any additional benefits. Biotin for hair growth should be taken consistently for over 3 to 6 months period, to experience the hair growth benefits. Though, biotin is very safe, still one must consult the doctor for right doses, before starting it. Assessing the health of hair and scalp, the doctor will be able to recommend the optimum doses essential for speedy improvement.

Safety And Side Effects Of Biotin For Hair Growth

Biotin is shown to be non toxic on laboratory analysis, even at higher doses. Though, there are not known cases of adverse reactions from biotin consumption, but certain skin reactions like acne and itching have been associated with high or prolonged biotin usage. There can be a possibility of interaction of biotin with other medications or supplements.

Therefore, one needs to refer to doctor before using a high dose of biotin for hair growth. Pregnant women have to be extra careful as during pregnancy, one undergoes biotin deficiency and high amounts of hair loss that may lead to birth defects or fetal health problems too. Use of extremely high biotin doses also may lead to some developmental effects. Hence, use of biotin or any other supplements during pregnancy should be only as advised by the doctor.

To Overcome Biotin Side Effects

Biotin is water soluble, so while on biotin supplementation, consume around 5 to 6 liters of water every day as extra biotin gets simply removed from body through urine that appears fluorescent yellow in color.


Those, using high biotin doses, should include vitamin B complex supplements to avoid formation of acne and itchy skin.

Choosing Biotin Supplements

Almost all renowned nutritional stores and pharmacies will have biotin supplements. It may be present as Vitamin h, Vitamin B7, Biotin or in hard or liquid capsules form.

Vitamin B7

Liquid capsules are usually recommended as they are easy to digest, but even hard capsules are fine as long as one does not have problems digesting them.

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