4 Vital Vitamins For Thicker Hair

Thicker HairThinning of hair is the result of lack of vital nutrients and hydration of the hair follicles. Hormonal inconsistency and hereditary are additional causes of thin hair, but low moisture contributes majorily to limp, thinness or fine locks. Moreover, vitamins are equally responsible for long term strength and volume addition to hair, resulting in thick and strong hairs. Shafts of hair follicle are formed with protein bonds that are the result of conversion of vitamins and essential amino acids.

Continual consumption of these essential vitamins and amino acids result in thickened, shiny hair with high tensile strength. Additionally, environmental dust and other pollutants as well as stress and illness may also contribute to thinning hair. But, one can improve the hair health and growth with incorporation of hair essential vitamins in the regular diet as well as use of vitamin supplements, if required. Do consult the hair specialist before incorporating vitamin supplements as part of regular regime.

Vitamins For Thicker Hair

Beta Carotene And Vitamin A

Vitamin A is crucial for enhancing structural components of hair to develop a healthy, thick and shiny sheen. The use of vitamin A supports hair growth by circumventing breakage, brittleness and dullness of thinning hair. Vitamin A helps in production of sebum that moistens and conditions the hair follicles naturally. Beta carotene is a precursor of vitamin A that gets converted into Vitamin A after the metabolic process.

Beta Carotene

The recommended dosage of vitamin A is 700 to 900 mg every day, but those with damaged follicles can use a higher amount temporarily to improve hair thickens. Include cheese, milk, eggs, papaya, apple and melons in your diet to achieve sufficient amount of vitamin A, conducive for growth of thick hairs. People can even use vitamin A supplements or hair products enriched with vitamin A for direct hair treatment.

Vitamin B Complex

Pineapples, tomatoes and strawberries are loaded with B complex vitamins that help in improved blood circulation to the hair scalp and minimize hair loss. The enhanced circulation offers the much needed oxygenation for thick and healthy hair.

vitamin B complex

Biotin, inositol, folate and Para-amino benzoic acid are the important constituents of B complex vitamins that help in improving hair growth potential by nourishing them and encouraging growth of strong hair with high tensile strength. Combination of B vitamins helps in maintaining hair viscosity and should be consumed at an adequate amount of 50 mg daily.

Vitamin C

Vitamin C needs to be consumed in the range of 60 to 90 mg to aid in development of sebum for healthy and thick hair growth. Those with highly damaged hair can even choose to include vitamin C supplements too for an additional boost.

vitamin c foods

Include rich sources like oranges, kiwi, raw green or red pepper and other citrus fruits to include vitamin C in the highest amount in the daily diet.

Vitamin E

Vitamin E is beneficial in increasing oxygenation of hair follicles like B complex vitamins. Additionally, it also strengthens immune system that helps in further stimulation of thick hair.

Vitamin E


Consume corn, wheat germ, olives and avocado to improve texture and hair consistency. It is advised to consume a minimum of 15 mg of vitamin E every day to extract best results for healthy and thickened hair.

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