Useful Home Remedies For Women Health Issues

Women Health IssuesWomen are prone to many health problems owing to their physical built, reproductive cycles, hormonal changes and being multi-taskers, who fulfill their role of homemaker, child rearing and career very meticulously. But, while performing all these roles diligently, she tend to ignore her own self and health, getting prone to health problems like acne, minor burns, stress, headache, back pain and many more.

Getting rid of these is not a major task as easy home remedies are available to tackle all of them and get going, while being in best of health. So, all girlies and ladies, gear up to end all your worries with simple and effective home solutions.

Home Remedies For Health Issues Of Women

Minor Burns

Working in the kitchen, falling asleep in the sun, curling hot iron, lighting the diyas or candles a woman may come across minor burns in day to day lives. These minor burns can be easily treated by using a cold compress of green tea or black tea.warm compress

Soak a clean towel in cold tea and then apply it over the burnt skin surface. The phytonutrients from tea will aid in reducing inflammation of the blood vessels contributing to rapid relief from burns.

Back Pain

The most commonly observed health problem in women is back pain with the most probable cause being improper posture while sitting, driving or use of wrong footwear.

Foremost remedy is to eliminate the major cause of it. Lie on the floor over the tennis ball and roll around till one finds it beneath a tight spot and relax. Use flexible, lightweight footwear with soft cushions to avoid extra pressure over foot that can lead to back pain.


Acupressure can be done to get relief from the headaches with best result from massaging the foot down through the sole of the foot to the toe tips. Treating foot is the best solution of getting rid of headaches. Go for footbaths by soaking feet in hot water with a few tablespoons of mustard powder.


Footbaths are comforting and eases pain, hot water further redistributes the blood from concentrated region of headache enabling it to flow through the body and mustard powder provides essential oils that stimulate skin, diverting attention from the pain.


Morning sickness, motion sickness or stomach bugs that are the usual troublesome periods in women’s life can be cured with use of peach fruit syrup.

Sugary fruits are a healthy option than canned syrups or candies to get relief from nausea. One can also make use of flat sodas to feel much better instantly.


Acne, the recurrent troubles for majority of women can be wooed off by using neem oil and coarse salt. Scrub the face with little amount of coarse salt mixed with some drops of neem oil.

Neem Oil

Coarse oil acts as an antiseptic agent and neem as an antifungal solution. Rinse it off and then put a mask of plain yogurt for 15 to 30 minutes. The lactic acid in yogurt serves as natural exfoliant that clears off acne from the skin, fades away fine lines and discolorations and make the skin glow.


During period of stress, one needs to focus on activities with repetitive motions like swimming laps or knitting. The repetitive and rhythmic motion keeps the mind distracted from work and works as a good stress buster. Indulging in any favourite hobby can serve the purpose, but more so when it is of repetitive nature.

Caution: Please use Home Remedies after Proper Research and Guidance. You accept that you are following any advice at your own risk and will properly research or consult healthcare professional.