Top 7 Foods For Prematurely Gray Hair

Growing old with shiny silver locks is a fact of life and everyone has to live with it.However, premature gray hair  is not something that you have to live with anymore! Just the other day my friend came by and I couldn’t help but stare at his few strands of gray hair among the other black ones.

Prematurely Gray Hair

He said he had some liver problem but i was like, Dude! you owe much more to yourself than that. Fortunately, i knew things that he did not know but i shared my teeny knowledge with him of course and now I am sharing them with you- a good diet can help prevent and in some cases even reverse premature gray hair.

Tips To Cure Prematurely Gray Hair With Diet

Protein Enriched Foods

Dermatologists explain that in people with premature gray hair, a chemical responsible for hair coloration (melanin) is missing.protein contain an amino acid called phenylalanine that combines with the enzymes and help in the production of melanin in the hair.

Protein can not only assist in preventing premature graying but can actually help you reverse the procedure to a good extent.There id no dearth of protein enriched foods and you can select among meat, fish, liver, soy, fortified cereals, sprouted beans,eggs or whole grains.Milk and other dairy products are good sources of protein too.

Protein Rich Food

Copper And Iodine Foods

Iodine deficiency can cause a number disease like hyperthyroidism or Hashimoto that can induce an early change in original hair color.Another macro-nutrient called copper is associated with the production of melanin in the body.Ensure that you intake a good amount of both iodine-enriched as well as copper-enriched foods to reap maximum benefits. Together, iodine and copper make one super mineral team that will help you combat the gray nightmare.

You will find food such as liver, calamari, chocolate, nuts(cashew, sesame seeds, almonds), sunflower seed and tomatoes, loaded with copper.The best way to intake iodine is to use iodized salt.Potatoes, berries, vegetables also contain iodine and you can also opt for iodine supplements.


Foods Containing Selenium

Selenium can be taken in minute quantities to prevent onset of premature graying. Remember, excess selenium can act as a toxic agent too.It has been seen that selenium deficiency can cause premature graying but this does not have enough scientific support and is simply based on personal experiences of people suffering from the graying problem.

MedlinePlus says that though selenium can help prevent gray hair you must restrict the daily intake to only about 400mg  if taken through supplementation.Foods such as fishes, eggs, chicken, Brazil nuts and onions contain only traces of selenium and you can intake a good helping to provide sufficient selenium to your body.

Foods Rich In Selenium

Vitamin Foods

There is enough evidence to prove that lack of vitamins in the diet can lead to premature graying.The most important vitamins are:

vitamin A , B

Folic Acid

Also known as B9, folic acid deficiency can lead to early graying. Ensure that you get enough B9 through foods like green vegetables, meat and beans.

Folic acid

Vitamin A

This is an excellent anti oxidant. Lack of anti oxidants in the body can cause a graying problem too.Foods such as apricots, carrots, lettuce and dark green vegetables contain this vitamin.

Vitamin a

Vitamin B6

NIH says that this vitamin can help restore the original color of the hair. You’ll find this vitamin in food such as fortified cereals, bananas, potatoes etc.

vitamin B6

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