Top 5 Exercises For Senior Citizens

Exercises For Senior CitizensTurning sixty doesn’t mean that you need to stay at home and bid adieu to an active life. Being fit and active is very essential in this growing age as it will help you to stay healthy and happy.

However, this is not the age to perform any physically enduring exercises, but you can try out some exercises which are suitable for the old age. So, here in this article we have provided you with some exercises that are meant for senior citizens. Let’s have a look.

Exercises For Senior Citizens

The Arm Raise Exercise

To perform this exercise you need to sit back on a chair and keep your back straight and your feet flat and firm on the ground. Hold weights in your hand which should be at your sides and your palms should face inwards.

Arm Raise Exercise

Now try raising both your arms to your sides up to shoulder height. Remain in this position for one second and slowly get back to starting position. Repeat the process. Try doing it eight to ten times on a daily basis.

The Ankle Stretch Exercise

For this you need to sit straight on an arm less chair. Then stretch your legs in front of you. Your heels should be on the floor. Now, bend your ankles and point your toes in the upward direction towards you. Remain in this position for about ten to fifteen seconds. Then bend your ankles and point your toes away from you. Remain in this position for ten to fifteen seconds. Repeat this process at least ten times. This is very beneficial for promoting flexibility if done regularly.

The Knee Flexion Exercise

To perform you need to stand straight and hold onto a chair for balance. Now slowly try to bend one knee as much as you can so that your foot is lifted behind you.

Knee Flexion Exercise

You should not move your upper leg at all. Now lower your foot down slowly. Repeat the process with the other leg. Do this exercise at least ten times with each leg daily for better results.

The Wall Push Up Exercise

This is especially meant for senior citizens who cannot perform push ups on the floor. To perform this you need to stand facing a wall. Stand straight and place your palms on the wall even with your shoulders. Now lean towards the wall by bending your elbows.

Wall Push Up Exercise

Make sure that you do not bend your body and your entire movement process should be controlled by your arms, shoulders and chest. Now gradually lean backwards until your arms are straight. Do this exercise ten times daily on a starting note and then increase the number of repetitions accordingly.

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The Neck Stretch Exercise

For this exercise you need to stand straight or if that is a problem then you can also sit straight on a chair. Now slowly turn your head towards the right direction until you feel a stretch.

Neck Stretch Exercise

Remain in this position for three seconds and get back to the starting position. Now do the same in the left direction. Do it ten times with each side regularly. So, all the senior citizens can try out these simple exercises regularly and stay fit and fine. These are very easy exercises and can be performed even at home.

Caution: Please use Home Remedies after Proper Research and Guidance. You accept that you are following any advice at your own risk and will properly research or consult healthcare professional.