6 Most Effective Home Remedies For Child Cough

 Child Cough

A nasty cough in children is very troublesome and worrisome for all parents, who wish to cure it at the earliest. The incessant cough keeps the child awake all throughout the night, leading to sore chest and little tummy.  In absence of any relief, parents are forced to offer cough syrups to children, to offer respite from the severe cough.

Medications should not be encouraged in children as the child’s system is not fully developed to handle side effects of cough syrups. There are effective home remedies to cure child’s cough at home itself, without the need to depend on medications. These will be happily accepted by the kids as they don’t taste bad as medicines and the child will recover soon from severe coughing.

6 Home Solutions For Cough Relief In Children

Drink Lots Of Clear Fluids

Children should be made to drink more and more, especially clear fluids like water, juicy broth or chicken soup. Under bad cough, mucous membranes tend to dry out. These fluids help in staying hydrated and even loosen the mucus secretions, allowing expulsion of the same from the body.

Drink More Water

Let the child have some fluid in small sips throughout the day, and even keep a drink that suits him near his bed at night too. But, during cough, child should be steer clear of orange juice as it may irritate rather than soothing the throat, which is already sore from coughing. Chicken soup is considered best as it helps very effectively in lowering the throat soreness and eases coughs.


Ginger is a well known anti inflammatory agent that helps relieve congestion. There are many ginger chewable candies that the child can easily use and are not that spicy for kids. Kids love to depend on them rather than bitter medications to clear their throats.



Offer tea made from honey to soothe a sore throat from coughing. Even a spoonful of honey with ginger slices dipped in it is a good remedial solution to heal the sore throat. Honey is beneficial remedy for coating and soothing the rough throats.


One spoonful before bed will help the child to sleep peacefully. But, honey should not be given to the child, below one year of age as it may pose a serious allergic risk to the child, as immune system and digestion is yet not fully developed in babies.

Steamy Shower

For rapid relief from coughs, the child can be exposed to steams during a shower, by turning on the hot shower and let the child inhale steam, by sitting in such a steamy bathroom.

Steamy Shower


Another way of doing it is by having a big bowl of boiling water and then let the child inhale steam from it, by covering the head with a towel. But, one need to be extra careful that steam is not burning hot, but only as much hot as bearable by the child.

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Make Use Of A Humidifier

Keep the humidity of the room a little high so that dry and sore throat can become more moistened. Humidifier helps the child to get relaxed from cough so that he/she can have a sound sleep. Parents can make use of essentials oil and add them to the humidifier, to comfort the child from sore throat and congestion more rapidly and effectively.


Sugar Free Candies

Child above the age of four can rely on sugar free hard candies to get a little relief and improve the taste of mouth. These will uplift the taste, moods and throat lining too. But, caution children from overdoing it.

Sugar Free Candies

Caution: Please use Home Remedies after Proper Research and Guidance. You accept that you are following any advice at your own risk and will properly research or consult healthcare professional.