8 Home Remedies For Cough In Toddlers

A bit of coughing , cold make parents panic and restless. According to Medicines and Healthcare products regulatory agency saying, that parents and carers should no longer use over-the-counter (OTC) cough and cold medicines in children aged under 6. Here are mentioned some home ,handy tips that help in relaxing the baby from cough.

Cough In Toddlers

Home Remedies For Cough In Toddlers


Take a ½-1 tbsp. juice of ginger, make it bit warm and add 4-5 drops of honey into it. Give two times in a day. It is very effective remedy for ordinary cough as ginger helps in removing mucus from the throats and honey helps in soothing the throat.

Ginger Juice


Take Nutmeg (jaiphal), rub it on a stone and get the paste. Mix it with little mother’s milk and give it to toddler around one teaspoon at a time, once a day.

If you don’t want to give it orally then you can apply the paste on the toddler’s chest and sole of the feet. Jaiphal contains a compound called myristicin, which helps, in clear respiratory passage. Overdose of jaiphal may also cause adverse affect, so proper care should be taken while giving doses.


Ajwain & Garlic

In thin muslin cloth, put some Bishop’s weed (ajwain) and 2-3 pieces of garlic crushed coarsely, make it a bundle. Put it near the head of toddler so that toddler inhales fumes. Ajwain due to its germicide and antiseptic properties is a boon for cough and cold.

Carom Seeds

Steamer , Eucalyptus Oil

Give a steam to baby through steamer, humidifier by adding 2-3 drops of eucalyptus oil. You can also apply Vicks VapoRub on chest, neck, nose and back. Rubbing copious amount of the stuff on the soles of feet and then covering them up with socks will cure a cough .

You can also add a few drops of menthol oil, eucalyptus oil to bath water. Give a bath from the warm water. Eucalyptus vapors clear the breathing passages, relieve congestion, improve circulation and is a great aromatherapy remedy for toddler’s cough.

Eucalyptus Oil

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Warm Fluids

Try to give baby warm fluids and let them to drink as much as liquid is possible. Warm Milk, Soup, daal water (salt and turmeric) , a warm drink of lemon and honey can be given.It helps in avoid dehydration.


Elevate the Head

Use Pillow to raise the head of toddler so that baby can breath properly, Make them to sleep more and take rest properly.

Head Elevated

Nasal Drops

If breathing is not clear and baby is not able to sleep properly then you may put nasal drops in both nostrils. Nasal drops are available on almost all medical store, however you can make it at home as well.

Mix ½ teaspoon salt into 1 cup of lukewarm distilled, sterile, or treated tap water (tap water boiled for 3-5 minutes and then cooled until lukewarm). It helps in clearing nasal passage and smooth breathing

Nasal Drops

Betel Leaves

Steam of water boiled with Betel leaves also helps in relief from congestion, as betel leaves contains an essential oil that contains phenol called as chavicol that has antiseptic properties. If you want you can also soak the crushed betel leaves in warm 2-3 tablespoon of mustard oil and then gently apply it on baby chest.

Betel Leaves

Caution: Please use Home Remedies after Proper Research and Guidance. You accept that you are following any advice at your own risk and will properly research or consult healthcare professional.