Best Arm Slimming Exercises For Women

Perfect PushupsNobody loves those flabby fleshes hanging off the arms when we wave goodbye. They not only look awkward, but stop us women from wearing sleeveless dress or tank tops with short sleeves. This is one area of concern not just for housewives but celebrities too. There are a few myths around which say, if we workout on arms, they will get too bulky.

Don’t worry, just ignore all those myths and excuses; we have brought some easy and amazing arm slimming exercises for you which will help you tone your loose sagging arms. Now you no need to cover them with sweaters and full sleeves.

These arm workouts include dumbbells and your own body weight to help you develop stronger and firm arms. So shed off those floppy muscles with these easy arm exercises and get ready to show off your sexy and slimmer arms in your lovely summer dresses.

Best Arm Slimming Exercises For Women

Perfect Pushups

Pushups are a perfect exercise to workout your arms; but be sure do to it the right way. Place your hands directly under your shoulders and lined up with your chest. Keep your body stiff from shoulders to feet and practice push ups. Start slowly with few repetitions to a set of 10 and more depending on your stamina and strength. Once you get a hold on the basic pushup, you can bring in variations like spider pushup, wide arm, staggered, inclined pushups etc.

Biceps Curl

Biceps curls are done using dumbbells with 5-10 pound dumbbell in each hand. They are very effective in shaping your biceps muscles. Stand with feet apart with approximately shoulder width and keep your back straight and chest up.

Biceps curl

Hold dumbbells in each hand with palms facing forward. Contract or bend your elbows to bring to the dumbbells up towards shoulder. Pause and slowly bring back your hand to the initial position. You can do alternate hands or both hands together.

Arm Raise With Dumbbells

Hold dumbbells in each hand on the sides with palms facing in. Keep the feet hip-width apart and bend the knees slightly. Raise your arms out to the sides until the dumbbells level with the shoulders. Palms should be facing down. Lower your arms slowly and repeat the same. In another version of arm raise workout, you raise one hand to the front and the other to the side both at shoulder levels. Repeat with alternate hands.

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Dips, also called as bench dips are a great way to work the rear shoulders and triceps. This arm exercise can be done almost anywhere, where you can find a firm bench. Sit on the bench with hands straight on the bench and feet extended on the floor.


Push off the edge of the bench and lower the body down as comfortable as you can, so that the whole weight of your body is supported by hands and feet. Pause, then slowly rise to the starting position.

Shadow Boxing

Shadow boxing is punching into the air, usually without an opponent. It strengthens your shoulders and arms, relieves stress and its fun too. Stand with your feet shoulder width apart. Place your dominant foot forward and bend your knees slightly. Punch across your body with each hand 15 times. For upper cuts, bend your arms, and bring them close to chest and punch upwards across your chest 15 times each on one side.

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