5 Amazing Home Remedies For White Hair

Getting white hair? That is something to worry about for sure. Hair adds luster to your body, and a lustrous bunch of black shiny hair adds that finishing touch to your overall beauty. It is like that spice which completes culinary preparations. While strands of black hair increase your appeal, gray or white hair adds to unattractiveness.

However, people do have white hair as they grow old. But white hair at a young age! That is most unfortunate thing to happen. Still people do have white hair, and that too at relatively young ages. This has become a menace these days. There are several reasons behind white hair.

It can be due to environment toxins, exposure to excessive stress for a prolonged period of time, severe illnesses, excessive intake of coffee, tea etc., excessive fried or oily seeds, deficiency in copper etc. Whatever be the reasons white hair does not gel well with a young face. You need to rectify the problem. There are some home remedies for white hair. Let us explore some of these.

5 Home Remedies For White Hair

1. Take Something To Increase Copper Intake

It has been seen that the chemical melanin which imparts color to the hair is reduced when you have white hair. In fact, reduced production of melanin results in white hair. However, you have a chance to increase the production of melanin and rectify the problem.

Copper, the mineral, is an essential element in the synthesis of melanin in the body. If you enhance the intake of copper in the body you can enhance the production of melanin. This way you can treat white hair. You can get a lot of melanin in animal liver, oyster, nuts, chocolate etc.


2. Take Proteinous Food

Deficiency of other minerals and nutrients can add to your health woes and that may be reflected in your hair. So taking nutritional food will be the first step in fighting white hair. But along with this you have to control smoking, intake of caffeine and fried and oily foods. This can go a long way in controlling your white hair and generation of new and black hair. You can get a lot of protein in meat, beans, nuts etc.

Proteinous Food

3. Indian Gooseberry

This traditional Indian remedy is a magical cure for many hair problems including white hair. Gooseberry has the ability to enrich hair pigmentation. It can also provide a soothing sensation to the scalp and hair. For effect boil some gooseberry in coconut oil and apply that on your hair. On regular application the menace of white hair will be gone forever.

Indian Gooseberry

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4. Vitamin B

Vitamin B is essential for your hair. It has been seen that vitamin B slows down the graying of hair. It also enhances the shine of your hair. You can get a lot of vitamin B compounds in bread, egg yolks, whole grain products, milk, meat, legumes, soybeans, animal liver etc. So increase the consumption of these foods and restore the health of your hair.

Vitamin B

5. Ginger And Honey

Ginger enhances blood circulation, stimulates hair growth and fight graying to some extent. But to apply ginger you need some kind of carrier. This can be very well done by honey. So mix some ginger oil in honey and apply on hair. Let it stay there for some time and rinse off. On repeated application you will find that the white hairs have lessened in number.

Ginger And Honey

Caution: Please use Home Remedies after Proper Research and Guidance. You accept that you are following any advice at your own risk and will properly research or consult healthcare professional.