5 Proper Food To Cure Bronchitis


When there is an inflammation or a swelling in the lining of the membrane that is a part of the bronchial tube in the chest of a person, bronchitis is caused that can be very painful and can cause miserable distress and discomfort to a person for a very long time.

Looking for the right measures that can curb bronchitis is very important in order to get relief because bronchitis can serve to be very damaging for the health of a human being. Pain in one’s chest, hoarseness, a sore throat and deep cough are some of the symptoms of bronchitis that require immediate treatment. In order to treat bronchitis, it is very important to take good food and a healthy diet.

5 Food To Cure Bronchitis

Food Containing Fatty Acids

A diet that contains foods that are rich in fatty acids can have tremendous effects in providing heal from bronchitis in a very strong way. Foods with fatty acid content are mainly fish, cereals and grains that can work wonders in providing relief from bronchitis.

Fatty Acids

Herbal Teas

Herbal teas of different kinds are said to be the best healers of bronchitis. These teas are very helpful in providing relief from sore throat and a deep cough.

Herbal Teas

Slippery elm and thyme are some of the teas that are known to do a very good job in this respect. Thyme is known to provide relief because of the antiseptic effect that is contained in it. Lobelia is also one kind of a tea that helps in releasing the swelled tissues and in curing the coughs.

Vitamin C Content Foods

Vitamin C content food is known to be the best food to cure bronchitis because it supports the immune system of a person and helps him keep healthy.

Vitamin C

If the immune system is kept healthy then it can automatically help a person in fighting diseases and illnesses of any kind and therefore it becomes very important for a person to take food that is rich in vitamin c in order to enhance the immune system that helps in fighting bronchitis. Citrus fruit juices are one of the best things that a person can have in order to avoid bronchitis.

Onions And Honey

Eating sliced onions with large amounts of honey in it can be of great help in treating bronchitis and the coughing symptom of the disease. This mixture can also be kept overnight and then only the honey can be taken without the onions.

Onions And Honey

Taking a teaspoon of this honey four to five times a day can be of effective help in the flow of the mucus. However, it is also recommended to eat onions baked, cooked, in broth or even raw.


Many people are unaware of the fact that almonds have various health benefits as there are maximum amounts of nutrients and vitamins into them.


Almonds can be used during bronchitis because of their content of potassium, magnesium and calcium that is very helpful for the respiratory system. Not only this in the treatment of bronchitis, almonds can be used as snacks or even as a garnish in salads.

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