11 Natural Laxatives Home Remedies For Constipation

Sometimes, constipation can cause a lot of pain and discomfort and can even lead to hernia and piles if not taken care of on time.Most people who suffer from constipation resort to laxatives and this too can be a real trouble.

ConstipationThe good news is that there are several natural home remedies that can be used for loosening your stools and preventing instances of constipation altogether. These natural methods are very effective and devoid of side effects as well and hence excellent for treating constipation at home. Here are some wonder remedies for your convenience.

Tips To Cure Constipation Naturally

Warm Water

Drinking warm water is one of the best ways to induce bowel function. Drinking a glass or two of warm water will hydrate the constipated stools and ease its passage through the colon. Most cases of constipation can be treated by drinking several glasses of warm water for preventing dehydration of stools and also to prevent the pain associated with constipation.

Drink Hot Water

Aloe Vera

Aloe gel is known to be a healing agent and is known to treat burns and cuts in your body. Take a quarter cup of fresh aloe gel from the aloe plant. Drink this juice and wait for the laxative effect to set in.

Drinking aloe juice will not only induce motion, but will also help in the healing of the stomach and colon walls that could have been damaged as a result of the constipation. Continue taking a tablespoon or two of aloe juice everyday if you are troubled by constipation every day.

Aloe Vera Gel

Flax Oil

Rich in omega 3 fatty acids, flax oils helps in lubricating the colon walls and softens the stools so that the constipation will be relieved. For a natural laxative, take half a teaspoon of flax oil every day. Grinding flax seeds and adding it to your baked food too is another way of using flax seeds as a natural laxative. Flax seeds are also good for encouraging the elimination of toxins and excess fat and cholesterol from the body, thereby regulating the bowel movements.

Flax Oil

Castor Oil

Intake of castor oil will help in the stimulation of the colon walls and eases the bowel movement. Castor oil also helps in the prevention of absorption of fluid from the intestine, which is the cause for constipation.

The stools will thus hold more moisture and this will encourage smooth bowel functions without pain and discomfort. The oil can be taken for about a week and must not be continued long term as it may cause colon dysfunction. It is important to talk to a herbalist for the right dosages.

Castor Oil

Olive Oil And Orange Juice

Fruits juices like orange juice can act as a natural laxative as they are fibrous in nature e. Olive oil too is a great addition as a natural laxative as it forms a protective coating around the colon walls and eases the bowel movement. For making a natural remedy with olive oil and orange juice, mix equal amounts of the same and drink once or twice a day depending upon the severity of the problem.

Olive Oil & Orange Juice


Dates are rich in iron and one might wonder whether it is a good treatment for constipation as iron is mostly reported to cause constipation. However, dates are also rich in fibre and hence would definitely act as a natural laxative when taken in the right form.

Soak two dates overnight in drinking water. This can then be mashed along with the water and the juice strained before drinking. Juice of dates is rich in fibre and helps as a natural laxative.



Psyllium is a plant that is very rich in fibre and hence a natural laxative effect can be attained by taking psyllium. Take psyllium along with a glass of warm water in the night every day for preventing constipation and also for loosening your stools as psyllium helps the stools to retain more moisture.



Licorice root can also help as a natural laxative if you are troubled by constipation every day. Take a licorice root and crush it. Add this to a cup of boiling water.

Allow the infusion to seep into the water by boiling for about an hour. Cool the preparation and strain it. You may add some fresh juice along with this if the tea is very strong. Take twice daily.

Licorice Root


Barley water taken along with a few other herbs and fruits can act as a wonderful laxative agent. Take a quarter cup of pearl barley, two tablespoons of licorice, a quarter cup of figs and a quarter cup of raisins. Add ten cups of water to this. Simmer this until the water is reduced to half the quantity. Half a cup of this strained concoction can be taken in the morning and night every day for relief from constipation.

Barley Water


Prunes are known to have amazing laxative properties and hence a great remedy for constipation. Taking prune juice every day will help in softening the stools and easing the friction on the walls of the colon.

They are high in soluble fibre and also soak up a lot of water, making the stools bigger and easy to pass through. The high amounts of Sorbitol is what gives them the laxative effect. The compound dihydroxyphenyl isatin, which is present in prunes help in contracting the intestinal walls, causing regular bowel movements without trouble.


Apple juice

Apple juice too contains the sugar sorbitol, which helps in loosening the stool and promoting bowel movement. Taking two glasses of apple juice a day helps in easing constipation and encouraging bowel movements. However, excess consumption of apple juice may not be good as it can lead to diarrhea. This is because sorbitol, even with all its laxative effects is a type of sugar that is indigestible and hence large quantities of it in the intestine will lead to severe diarrhea in some cases. If you have diabetes, it is better to try prune juice instead as prune juice will not cause fluctuations in sugar levels.

Apple Juice

Caution: Please use Home Remedies after Proper Research and Guidance. You accept that you are following any advice at your own risk and will properly research or consult healthcare professional.