Natural Way To Treat Constipation During Pregnancy

Constipation during pregnancy is a common problem. It occurs due to hormonal changes in the body, reduced physical movement and a change in diet. Iron and calcium supplements given in pregnancy may also cause constipation. Pressure in the womb as the baby grows can restrict the bowel movement and may cause constipation.

Constipation During Pregnancy

Dealing with constipation during pregnancy can pose a problem as taking strong laxatives is not advised. You can treat constipation during pregnancy in a natural and safe way.


Eating a diet consisting of enough fibre and fluids helps in a big way to treat constipation during pregnancy.

fibre and fluids


You should include at least on serving of fibrous food in your meals for proper functioning of the bowels. On an average you should consume about 25- 30 grams of fiber every day. You can eat whole grains like wheat flakes or porridge with your breakfast. Multigrain bread may also be included. Leafy vegetables like spinach, fresh fenugreek, cabbage, broccoli etc. are natural laxatives. Carrot, tomato, pumpkin also help to stimulate bowel function. You can eat them as salad or cook them. Add a pinch of ginger powder to your dishes for better digestion. High fiber fresh fruits include oranges, prunes, plums, dates, watermelon, grapes, banana etc. They help to improve the movement of the intestines and clean the bowels.

VEG & Fru


You must increase the intake of fluids with high fiber diet for better assimilation of food in the system. Fluids help to absorb the food and activate the digestive system, thus improving your bowel function. It helps to remove all toxins from the body and will soften the stool to help it pass easily. Drink plenty of water, juices, soups and milk or buttermilk. Be careful that you do not get a bloated feeling. Keep drinking fluids at regular intervals in small quantities instead of consuming a large quantity in one go. It is better to drink fluids at room temperature instead of their being too hot or too cold. This way they are easily absorbed in the blood stream. Reduce the intake of tea, coffee and aerated drinks as these may cause gas formation or acidity. It can aggravate your constipation.


Physical Activity

During pregnancy you may feel tired due to the pressure in the lower abdomen; this result in lack of physical activity which slows the functioning of the intestines. You should remain physically active to keep your system activated and to keep fit during pregnancy. Walking is one of the easiest and simplest ways to stay active as rigorous exercises are not recommended during pregnancy. It not only helps to relieve constipation but also makes labour fast and easy by maintaining the flexibility of your pelvic muscles. Swimming and Kegel exercises are also beneficial during pregnancy but you should consult your doctor before taking up these activities. Light breathing exercises help to stimulate the intestines and improve their flexibility. It relieves constipation during pregnancy. Increased level of stress may also cause constipation during pregnancy. Meditation helps to give relief from constipation as it brings down the stress level.


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