5 Wonderful Herbs For Teeth Whitening

Teeth that are white add a special glitter to your entire persona. But attaining white teeth is near to impossible for many of us, especially because of our eating and drinking habits that stain our teeth beyond recognition.white theets

Whitening of teeth is mostly done in dental clinics with the expert guidance of a dental technician.However, teeth whitening are not all that difficult if you consider the number of herbs that are available on earth for doing a natural job, devoid of ill effects on the teeth and body. So what are the natural and herbal ways to whiten your teeth? Herbs that are available on earth can do a wonderful job of not just whitening the teeth, but also cleaning them.

1. Sage Leaf

A simple yet very effective teeth whitening tip that all of us can rely on entirely is using sage leaf. The task is not cumbersome at all. Take a sage leaf and crush it in your hand. Rub the leaves on your teeth. You can also mix the leaves with your toothpaste and use a brush for cleaning which could be a much more effective way of treating your teeth. Make sage tea by boiling the leaves with water and use this for rinsing your mouth as well. Your pearly whites will soon show their natural colour.

Sage Leaves

2. Turmeric Powder

Turmeric is a necessary addition in all women’s beauty kit as it is natural skin whitening agent. Now you can use it for whitening your teeth as well. Grind some turmeric into a coarse powder and add some salt and lime juice as well along with it. Use a toothbrush for brushing with this herbal paste. Doing this for a week itself will leave your teeth so clean and white. Continue 3 times a week for good results.


3. Bay Leaf

Take bay leaves and crush it into smaller parts and mix with orange peel powder. Citrus fruits are natural teeth whitening agents and hence mixing with any citrus fruit will exert a whitening effect on the teeth. Brush your teeth with this bay leaf and citrus mixture. However, do not add too much citrus juice as it can damage your enamel. So doing this thrice a week should be sufficient to leave your teeth white.

Bay Leaves

4. Walnut Tree Bark

The bark of walnut tree can be crushed and used for brushing your teeth with a tooth paste. This can be done every day to maintain the whiteness of your teeth and prevent plaque formation on the teeth.

Black Walnuts

5. Guava Leaf

Guava leaf has the power to clean the teeth and also to prevent bad breath and gum problems. Take guava leaf and crush to form a coarse tooth paste. Rub on the teeth and brush with a toothbrush. Continue using this every day to prevent tooth pain due to infections and also to build stronger gums and whiter teeth in the process.

Guava Leaves


Even though herbs are safe in most cases, certain acidic juices present in the herbs could be too strong for your teeth if used too frequently. Therefore avoid using on a daily basis.

Caution: Please use Home Remedies after Proper Research and Guidance. You accept that you are following any advice at your own risk and will properly research or consult healthcare professional.